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We have some family passes to give away for Oddball & The Penguins at Movies @ Dundrum!

Off the coast from the small town of Warrnambool lies Middle Island, a sanctuary once home to thousands of the world’s smallest penguins. But since foxes learned to cross the shallow channel to the island, penguin numbers have plunged. And if they fall below ten, park ranger Emily Marsh will be out of a job.

The solution comes when Swampy (Emily’s Dad) rescues an injured penguin from the island and discovers to his amazement that Oddball – who can’t bring himself to guard chickens – is an expert at guarding penguins. With two weeks until the final penguin count, Swampy and Olivia (Emily’s daughter) devise a crazy plan – train the rambunctious and unpredictable Oddball to protect the penguins and save the sanctuary, while somehow keeping the operation a secret from everyone.

What follows is a rousing adventure as Oddball, Swampy and Olivia manage to save the penguin preserve, their family and the town itself.

Oddball & The Penguins is in cinemas from February 12th.

The Prize

4 x Family Passes (4 tickets) to see Oddball & The Penguins at Movies @ Dundrum.

How to Enter

Just answer the simple question below, fill in the form and we will be in touch with the winners after the closing date of 18th February.

Question: On our ’10 Cool Things for Teens to do in Ireland this Summer’ article what is number 1? (click here for a hint)

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