Fitness Challenge Number 8

It’s the Mykidstime 21 day fitness challenge and Day 8 challenge is to …

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Introduce jogging to your walks

walking-shoes_1This week we want you to increase the difficulty a little, by “upping” the pace a little, by introducing short intervals of jogging into your 30min, walking programme.

  • Walk the first 5mins to warm-up. Use this time to mentally prepare yourself to commit to completing the next phase.
  • Now, here we go – let’s break into a gentle jog, nothing too fast, we want you to be able to keep jogging for ONE MINUTE. (it will feel like a very loooong minute but don’t give up – you CAN do this).
  • Okay, back down to walking for 90 seconds. Don’t allow your walking pace to drop down to a “dilly-dally”!! Walk with purpose but we still want to use this time to catch our breath.
  • After 90 seconds walking, up we go again to a jog for 1 minute.
  • Repeat this 8 times ie. ( 60secs Run : 90 secs Walk )  X 8  = total 20min.
  • Finish off with a 5min walk to cool down.

Running Dos & Don’ts

How are you getting on with the challenge? Let us know in the comment box below.

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  1. Marian Deasy says:

    doing ok, taking it nice & easy as I’ve problem with my hip, but the stretching before I start is really helping, only at 15 minutes yet but that’s five minutes more than this time last week

    1. Jill Holtz says:

      Keep up the stretching as that’s important Marian. And every extra you do as you go is getting you fitter :)