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Special Needs Resources

Special Needs is a term with many meanings and perceptions.  Children can have special needs from a mild learning disability to a severe medical condition therefore the needs of Special Needs children are very diverse and parents can find the task of locating suitable services very difficult. Parents of children with special needs often find they have to become more resilient, flexible and even “pushy” in order to get the best for their child.

Although every special-needs child is different and every family is unique, there are some common concerns that link parents of challenged kids, including getting appropriate care,  planning for an uncertain future,  adjusting routines and expectations and dealing with the financial implications and entitlements.


Here is a list of Special Needs Schools in Ireland

We also have a list of services and supports listed in our local Special Needs category under Services


Useful Websites

The Special Needs Parents Association provides information and support. 

The National Council for Special Education is a statutory body designed to sanction the provision of Special Needs Assistants in schools.

S.N.A.P. offers for families with children who have special needs. – blog advocating for people with special needs

People with Disabilities in Ireland (PWDI), national cross disability organisation funded by the Government

The Jack and Jill Foundation provides care and support for children with severe neurological development issues, as well as offering some respite to the parents and families.

Enable Ireland provides free services to children and adults with disabilities and their families. – information on assistive technology and a directory of products available from Irish suppliers for people with disabilities has some useful information if you search on "special needs"

Irish Deaf Kids support inclusive education for children with hearing issues in Ireland
The National Council for the Blind in Ireland provides information and support services for the blind.

Psychologists (The Psychological Society of Ireland), Occupational Therapists (Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland) and Speech Therapists ( Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists ) can be located through their respective associations – educational resources for parents

Disability Info is a parent run, non-commercial website principally targeted at the mid and south west but also used by the rest of the country with a wealth of information and resources for special needs.

Books & Toys for Special Needs

A great book to help your child explain how they are feeling is – The Feelings Book: The Care and Keeping of your Emotions

If your child is reaching puberty age, there are lots of great books which can help you deal with your Special Needs child. It can be difficult teaching them about their bodies, differences and changes.

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This website was created by Jill Holtz and Michelle Davitt, both of whom are mothers of young children. Jill and Michelle decided to create this resource themselves, and launched in 2007.