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60 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids for the Entire Year

Studies have shown that spending time outside is good for your health. During the summer, when the weather is warm and the kids are out of school, it’s natural to play around in the yard or take a dip in the pool. But there’s no good reason you should miss out on the benefits of the great outdoors during the rest of the year! There are plenty of fun activities you can do in every season. Here’s 60 Fun Outdoor Activities for the Entire Year, brought to you by Goedeker’s.

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50 Halloween Activities for Kids

“Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!” It’s Halloween again! A week of no school runs is great, but after the first few days, it can be quiet scary trying to think of ways to occupy the kids.  But don’t fret, as we have compiled the 50 Halloween Activities for Kids, to keep your little darlings from turning into zombies!

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Super Fun Super Hero Activities for Kids

It's week 1 of Survive the Summer with brought to you by Super Milk. Each week we'll bring you ideas for summer activities for kids, and this week we're doing some Super Fun Super Hero Activities! Have some Super Hero Super Fun with our 5 Super Hero activities and projects! #1. Superhero Bookmarks These Avengers Bookmarks from Crafts by Amanda are made from some jumbo craft sticks and paint. You can draw the characters free hand or there are printable instructions too. Choose from The Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man […]

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20 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Mykidstime has partnered with Coillte Outdoors for Get Up Get Out! a special campaign to give families lots of fun ideas for outdoor activities! Here’s our free 20 Fun Things for Kids to do Outdoors list to download and enjoy while you are out in the forest or woods. Related: Nature Scavenger Hunt and Big Bug Hunt Did you try out our list? How did you get on?  Tell us about it in the comments below. Did you like this article? Sign up for our free newsletter and join us on facebook and follow us on Twitter. Why not share […]

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