20 essential family tips for going to a music festival

If you are heading to a music festival this summer with the kids, check out our 20 essential family tips for going to a music festival, all based on the Mykidstime Team’s experience!

#1. Pick the right festival

Pick the right festival; find out if other families have been, check the festival website to see how well they cater for children.  If you have friends with kids who might be up for going with you, then that can make it even more fun with a big bunch of adults and kids together.

#2. Wellies!

Bring wellies and/or flip flops or crocs; don’t bother with any other kind of shoes, they will only get wrecked if it is muddy.

#3. Wet wipes are essential

Bring plenty of wet wipes, they are great for wiping sticky hands after eating or muddy splashes off legs. Toilet paper or packets of tissues are another essential in case the festival loos are out of paper!

#4. Pop up tent

Buy a cheap pop up tent; you can set this up as soon as you arrive and the kids can play in it while you set up everything else.  Particularly useful for storing odds and ends as well once you have your main tent set up.

#5. Ear Defenders

It’s worth investing in ear defenders for little people, Adam & Friends have lightweight Ear Muffs in funky colours for kids.


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