50 Fantastic Free Things to do with Kids aged 8-12

Finding low cost things to do with your tween can sometimes be a challenge. So here are 50 Fantastic Free Things to Do with Kids aged 8-12:

inside bubble#1. Stand Inside a Bubble

Create your own bubble mix and see if you can blow giant bubbles big enough to stand inside!

We have some great bubble ideas here and for night time fun, why not make some glow in the dark bubbles.

#2. Try to Skip 100 Times Without Stopping

Get the skipping rope out and have a go at skipping 100 times without stopping. Manage that? Aim for 200 now. Check what the world record is for the most skips in 1 minute.

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#3. Camp Out in The Garden

Get out the tent and set up a camp out in your back garden for an outdoor sleepover. Don’t forget the headlamps, torches and midnight feast.

#4. Build a Card House

Can you reach 4 or more levels of your card house? Check out this video showing a cool card house technique:

#5. Learn a New Trick

Got a pack of cards or magic set lying about? Time to learn a new trick or two. Here are some ideas to get you started: Magic Tricks and Card Tricks.

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#6. Download and Listen to a Podcast

Radiolab is a radio show and podcast weaving stories and science into sound and music-rich documentaries. Other recommended podcasts for older kids include AstronomyCast or Stuff you should know.

party cakes iStock_000003202560XSmall#7. Have a Bake Off

Set yourself a challenge and bake something and get the judging panel (rest of family) to mark it for you. You’ll find oodles of sweet treat recipes on our Blog.

We have some of the best baking recipes for kids here, or if cookies are you’re thing, here’s 8 Easy Cookie Recipes for Kids.

#8. Build A Lego Movie Set

Design and build a Lego movie set. It could be a castle, a house, a fire station, or maybe a small town. Now see number 9.

#9. Create a Stop Motion Lego Animation

Make a Stop Motion Lego animation using your lego movie set. Here’s how to create a stop motion movie and 10 of the handiest apps for stop motion.

#10. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a modern day “Treasure – Hunt”. You use a GPS enabled device (Global Positioning System) or an app for your smartphone such as Google Maps will work too and you go hunting to see if you can find caches near you.


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