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Coding for kids - Mykidstime

Coding For Kids: Boost Your Coding Skills With These Brilliant Resources

Whether your child is a complete novice or looking to move on to more challenging programming, these websites, games and courses deliver coding for...
Science websites for kids - Mykidstime

14 Science Websites for Kids That Are Sure to Inspire

Whether your child is looking to learn more about the solar system, climate change, precipitation or plant life cycles, there are lots of great...
Animal learning resources and activities

Amazing Animal Learning Resources And Activities For Kids

Animals are fascinating, from bumble bees who help keep plants and flowers alive to the elephants who live in the tropical evergreen forests of...
Math websites for kids

11 Brilliant Math Websites for Kids That Make Learning Fun

From fractions to finance and counting to calculus, these brilliant math websites for kids are packed with lots of learning, fun and games to...
national museum of ireland online collection

7 Fascinating Items From The National Museum of Ireland Online Collection

The National Museum of Ireland have launched a new online gallery. It showcases items from their collections that reflect resilience. We have picked out...
energy activities for kids

Fun Energy Learning Activities And Resources For Kids

Is your child interested in learning about energy? Or maybe they have an energy project to complete? To celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd,...
message from a school principal

Parents Read This Timely Message From A School Principal (& Get Some Great Tips!)

As we continue with the lockdown and juggling homeschooling, as well as working from home, we came across a very timely reminder for parents...
Irish language resources

Excellent Irish Language Resources for Kids Learning At Home

If you don't know your 'maith an cailín' from your 'buachaill maith' these resources are all designed to help you and your children brush...