Watch Out For These Things When Buying Your Child’s School Uniforms

M&S School Uniforms

School uniforms are the norm in many schools. Personally I feel school uniforms are a great way to avoid arguments in the mornings about what to wear. You will find that your child wears their uniform more than any other item of clothing. So it is essential that you get it right. Watch out for these things when buying your child’s school uniform and you will be sure to have durable, smart looking school uniforms for the whole year.These top tips are brought to you in association with Marks & Spencer

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#1. Stain Resistance

M&S School uniforms

Look for school uniforms that offer stain resistance. Kids will get messy, that is part of the fun of playing, climbing, sliding and eating their lunch quickly so they can get out to meet their friends in the school yard.

Keeping their uniform neat and stain free is the last thing on their minds, so give yourself a break and get uniforms with built in stain resistant super powers!

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#2. Water Repellant

School Uniforms hacks and tips from M&S

The weather is not always going to be warm and sunny and there will be days that your child has to walk, cycle or get the school bus when the rain is pouring down. Choose water repellant school uniforms to ensure they are not sitting in wet clothes for the morning after they arrive at school.

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Marks & Spencer School Uniform Essentials

School uniforms from M&S

Marks & Spencer know what parents want from a school uniform: clothes that look smart, wash well and cope with the tree-climbing, grass-sliding play that happens in school and out.

Their innovations team have given their entire uniform range added superpowers. From StayNEW technology to weatherproof fabrics, all to save you time and stress. From stain resistant trousers and shorts to shirts with stretchy cuffs, Marks & Spencer have 17 amazing innovations built into their school uniforms!

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#3. Room for Growth

M&S School Uniforms

While you don’t want your child looking like they are wearing their older siblings school uniform, it is good to allow for some growth.

Look out for school skirts, pinafores and trousers that have extra material built into the hems so that can be taken down as your child grows.

Adjustable waists and cuffs are also great, as they allow for growth and comfort from the beginning of the school year right through to the end.

As we all come in different shapes and sizes, the great thing about uniforms from M&S is that they are available in slim fit, regular, longer and shorter leg lengths, skinny leg, plus fit and easy dressing ranges.

#4. Easy Care

M&S School Uniforms

Check care labels before you buy your school uniform. Things to look our for include:

  • Crease resistant materials
  • Non or easy iron shirts, tops and bottoms
  • Items suitable for washing at a lower temperature
  • Stay fresh technology to keep items fresh between washes
  • Permanent pleats built into skirts and pinafores
  • Anti bobble jumpers and cardigans

Having easy care items is essential to make life that little bit better when it comes to caring for school uniforms. I know for me, it is important that my kids uniforms look good wash after wash and that ironing is kept to the minimum!

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#5. Soft on Skin

M&S School Uniforms

Do you remember the scratchy school cardigan or jumper? I certainly do from my days at school! When choosing school uniforms make sure your child fits on everything and ensures that tops, tights and PE gear feels soft and doesn’t irritate their skin.

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#6. Durable

M&S School uniforms

Let kids be kids and buy school uniforms where they can run, jump and play with their friends day in day out without the worry of the usual wear and tear. Look for StayNew technology that helps avoid bobbling, fading, stretching and keeps uniforms looking like new wash after wash.

#7. Scuff Resistant

M&S School Uniform shoes

Don’t forget footwear. Look for shoes and runners with built in scuff resistance and stay fresh technology. Keep in mind the season and how the weather will change as you move through the school year for every adventure your child will have, big or small.

Shop the Marks & Spencer school uniform range today. With 17 amazing innovations built into their school uniforms, you are sure to find what you need for the year ahead!

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Over to you now. Have you any extra tips on what to watch out for when buying school uniforms? Please share them with us in the comments box below.

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