Don’t Miss These 10 Back to School Hacks


#6. Stop Apples Going Brown

Keep a cut apple from going brown by wrapping a rubber band around the cut apple to hold the pieces tightly together.


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#7. Make a space for storing School Bags

Create a space in your hallway to hang schoolbags up.  You could add a name label to each one so everyone knows where their space is.


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#8. Have the Uniform in one place

Put school uniform in one place, e.g. use a storage cube and encourage children to fold and return their uniform to this space after each wear.


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#9. Have Homework Supplies Handy

Save time searching for supplies at homework time by having a homework supply kit that you can pull out. Fill it with pens, pencils, erasers, spare copies, scissors, glue, colouring pencils etc. so you don’t have to search for items that may have been left at school.


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#10. Easier Pencil Holding

If your child is having trouble holding their pencil, twist a rubber band around pencil and put it on the student’s wrist (not too tight!!)


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Over to you now! Add your hacks in the comments below!