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Please take a moment to vote for a charity for the 2014 Mykidstime Charity of the Year.  The winning charity with the most votes by midnight 31st January will become our Charity of the Year and receive support and advertising throughout the year.  Here are the shortlisted nominations from parents:



Votes placed before midnight 31st January will be accepted. One vote per user per day limit. All votes are verified by IP Address.

The winner will be announced on Monday 3rd February.


  • claire whelan

    I mum to two children Holly 4 wocf & Mason 2 with DDF508 we are in Courtown & Cystic Fibrosis Ireland are such an amazing supportive charity please take a few seconds to vote you could help children like Mason & other’s with Cystic Fibrosis thank you

  • Dyspraxia Ireland have been a great help to so many families and are struggling like every charity but without the team children and families have no support please pick dyspraxia Ireland as a parent of many with a child who has dyspraxia we need this service so badly please support dyspraxia Ireland .

  • shirley bullman


  • shirley bullman

    Vote bumbeance

  • shirleyclooney

    The meningitis research foundation deserves to win this title. My son has recovered successfully twice from meningitis and it was because of information given by this foundation continually to the media that i recognised his symptoms and acted promptly. They do not ge the recognition and support that they deserve.

  • Bernue.

    Very hard to pick one charity as they all deserve it but I went for Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children as I feel that children needed the best possible care that is available. Best of luck too all of them

  • Aoibheann’s Pink Tie was set up in 2010 after our friend and Chairperson Jimmy Norman’s daughter, Aoibheann, passed away. During their long battle with cancer, Jimmy met with a lot of parents going through the trauma of having a child with cancer, and more specifically identified with the financial burden that inevitably follows diagnosis. We are registered with the Irish Cancer Society and affiliated with St. John’s Oncology Ward in Crumlin Hospital. Olympic gold medal champion Katie Taylor is our charity ambassador.

    So what does Aoibheann’s Pink Tie do? What we do is provide financial and practical help to those families in need of it. This will hopefully allow the families the ability to focus on their child and working through their illness. Families are often lost in the mix when their children go through this battle, but it’s not just the child that gets cancer, it’s the whole family as each is affected and must struggle.

    We raise funds through various events and fundraisers that people would like to do for us and we use this to support families who are recommended to us by the senior social worker in St. John’s Ward Crumlin Hospital.

  • Rosarie Dunne

    I would like to vote for bumbelance

  • Therese Kelly

    Aoibheanns Pin tie. An amazing charity for children and families affected by childhood cancer

  • Sinèad Hayes

    iCAN.. For kids and families living with Juvenile Arthritis in Ireland <3

  • The Saoirse Foundation who operates BUMBLEance was set up by my wire Mary and I in 2010 following the diagnosis of our Late daughter Saoirse with Battens Disease Saoirse died is Jan 2011 aged 5, her brother Liam, now aged 5 aldo has the same condition and unfortunately has months to live.

    We are a national charity delivering services across every part of the country without state support and I don’t get a salary a top up or any allowances whatsoever so this is very important for us to keep BUMBLEANCE on the road bringing kids in and out of Crumlin, Temple street, Tallaght, Laura Lynn and other treatment and care facilities for free.

    We would be very grateful for your vote .

    Thank you

    • joan

      You all should be very proud of what you have achieved so far. I admire your determination and will and strength , bring on Liam’s lodge ! Please vote everybody x

    • Pauline Davies

      As a grandmother to a Batten child BUMBLEance all the way xx

      Good luck x

  • Brilliant association xxx

  • Vote BUMBLEance. What a great job its bn doing so far & will be doing in the future.

  • Susan Bell Flavin

    iCAN Irish Children’s Arthritis Network, Ireland has the 2nd worst rate of care for children with arthritis in all of Europe including Eastern Block countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Juvenile Arthritis is different from adult arthritis. JA is a very serious chronic autoimmune disease which can lead to complications reaching to vital organ function and blindness. The World Health Organisation has set out a guideline of 6 weeks for a child to be seen by a Pediatric Rheumatologist – in Ireland that waiting time is 2 years and 4 months. This means that children in Ireland are suffering severe chronic pain needlessly as they wait to be seen by a specialist. There are documented cases in Ireland of children sustaining permanent joint damage because they were not seen by a specialist soon enough. iCAN is working to support families dealing with Juvenile Arthritis, to raise awareness of JA and to lobby for better facilities for children battling Arthritis in Ireland.

  • kathleen kelleher

    Vote Bumbleance what a great job they are doing for all those kids.

    • kathleen kelleher

      Come on only two days left to vote for bumbleance.

  • Maeve Brady

    Dyspraxia Ireland

  • Ruth Beattie

    Vote BUMBLEance,such a great service,our son has Brittle Bones and attends temple street hospital in Dublin quite often to receive treatment,we travelled with BUMBLEance and what a service our 2 and half year old wee man had,he had a ball.ABSOLUTE BRILLANT. SERVICE

  • Sharon

    Vote for Aoibheanns Pin tie.I have seen the work they do to help bring Joy to the children and their families that need it.

  • Marie

    Vote for the BUMBLEance

  • Please vote for Aoibheanns Pin tie they do great work please give them your vote !

  • aprile

    Please vote for Aoibheanns Pink Tie.they give fantastic help to family’s that are going through the pain anf suffering of cancer
    They try to help with the financial burden that the parents and family go through while trying to fight cancer.
    It would mean so much if they won this award!

  • Mairead

    Please vote for Aoibheanns pink tie. They help families going through the horror of childhood cancer.

  • Neville Ormonde

    All of these charity’s do incredible work and give children and parents support that they wouldn’t otherwise get, My vote goes to Aiobheann’s pink tie. While I appreciate the complex and often life threatening conditions that these charities give wonderful support to, to me, Cancer is the most devastating and is something no child should ever have to go through. Heartbreakingly, 200 a year do…..This man Jimmy Norman, and his team who established the charity in memory of his little princess Aoibheann, is a living saint. The energy he and all his team put into helping children with cancer, and their families to cope, is nothing short of incredible. Please give your vote to this outstanding group of people…..Thank you.

    • You could not have put it in better words Neville. We have a brilliant organisation, and we need to make people aware of this, and your comment will help us achieve our aims!

    • Neville your words moved me so much. I felt I had to write to thank you for your comments. I personnely Admire every group on this page, the work that all the charities do is quite fantastic, sometimes people say to me the government should run all of these services that are provided by the amazing charities in this competition. I doubt that anyone could do the wonderful work carried out by the volunteers of the charities involved, it takes too much dedication.
      I think the the competition is great, but there is no winner in my eyes, I believe with all my heart that each group on this page are already winners, and will continue their fantastic work regardless.

      Jimmy Norman.

      Chairman founder.

      More importantly Aoibheann’s father.

      Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

      • kathleen kelleher

        Bumbelance to win please.

        • kathleen kelleher


          • kathleen kelleher


      • Nev.

        Thank you Jimmy for your lovely sentiments…..I agree wholeheartedly about every one of these charity’s and their volunteers deserving to win this competition. They are all winners, and every family that has ever received their support, will, I am sure, say the same. That is why the result is irrelevant because they will all carry on giving their wonderful, dedicated support to the children and their family’s….. Because Aoibheann’s pink tie is relatively new and because it affects me personally, I will continue to vote for you and your incredible team so that you may get the exposure that you deserve. Childhood cancer is devastating for the children and families that are affected by it, and the support you all give to these family’s at such a harrowing time, is immeasurable…..

        Keep up the great work.

        Happy new year to you all.


  • Mary

    Please vote for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie as they are one in a million with the help, love and support they give to a family of a sick child. I know as they were there for my family when we had to walk the long walk to St John’s Ward in Crumlin hospital.

    Please Please Vote for them!!!!!!

  • Please vote for BUMBLEance… so many children will benefit from this.

  • Trish Purcell

    When our daughter Caitriona was born in 2006 with complex CHD we became aware of Heart Children Ireland, they are a family support group who help families & children like ourselves to learn to live with CHD, they do great work providing life saving equipment to Crumlin & Mater hospitals, they have helped make this journey easier for us & we will always be grateful,

  • Please give your vote to Dyspraxia Ireland. A very deserving and worthy charity.

  • Doirin duggan

    My vote goes to Dyspraxia Association Ireland. It may not be as well known as other disorders, it may not come with life threatening issues however it has helped serve the children who go forgotten in our classes, the parents who try to help their children to cope with being different, the child who needs to learn in a different way. It is a lifelong disorder which needs funding, understanding and highlighting in our society. Although it is not fatal, it can lead to depression because of people feeling marginalised and misunderstood and bring with it another set of problems.
    It has lost valuable funding and the help it would receive by being charity of the year would be fantastic. Best of luck to all the charities.

  • Edel

    Galway Autism Partnership started out as a group of parents coming together to try and improve things for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder in Galway City and County . Even though we are based in Galway we have a far further reach into Mayo , Clare , Limerick other surrounding counties and even in Dublin.

    Autism is a lifelong disability and the services in the West are not much more than a token service . Disabilty often does not have the factor that creates interest in the wider community it trying to make differences for children who will become adults who have life long challenges .The challenges of raising a child with special needs is not really seen by the entire community with as much empathy that those challenges as disability is not something that everyone has experienced .
    Autism particularly is often visually invisible as a child or adult on the spectrum does not look different to anyone else . Yet those on the spectrum need support and services to have the chance to furfil their potential .Unfortuately the health service in this country and let so many families completely down or made their lives very difficult .
    GAP does not promise to wave a magic wand to fix everything wrong with services we cant as much as we would love too .First and foremost GAP is run by people who have a child on the spectrum or are on the spectrum themselves. We only have one part time employee the rest is done by special needs parents who give up their own time to help others. We try to create the opportunity for families children and young adults to have the opportunity to have positive , normal experinces that others take for granted
    creating one small positive experience can open up so much more for a family or individual who have extra needs
    Families and individuals who have these extra needs are not looking for optional extra they afe looking for the supports they need so that they can have the same possibilities as others who do not face these challenges
    Alot of these children and young adults deal with social isolation due to their needs and bullying and suffer lose of self confidence and mental health issues
    GAP does not have any state funding or any long term funding currently . We are doing the best with what we have and driven by our own experiences to try and improve things and help reeducate society to see the value in Autism and the value in supporting those who need that extra hand up and support in helping them achieve their potential and the possibililty if being able to contribute to society in the future
    I am personally attached to this as I have 4 kids two on the spectrum with very poor services from the HSE for our 9 yr old and none at all currently for our 5 yr old .But I am not alone this is the story for many families like ours unfortunately
    if anyone wants more info on GAP webpage is or follow us on facebook . thanks for reading

    • marion fitzsimons

      You do a great job with very little money, Edel.
      Voted for you.

  • Hi, I am the mother of a beautiful 16 month old boy Senàn who was diagnosed with CYSTIC FIBROSIS at 3 weeks old , Since Senàn was diagnosed all the cf team have helped Senàn along so much and coping with cf! Winning this could help my beautiful Senàn and other children like him. Please vote for Cystic fibrosis !!!!

  • MichaelO’Callaghan

    I am voting for Heart children Ireland. I am a member of the group , since 1990 when it was formed, they have done trojan and outstanding work to support parents whose children are born with Heart Defects. Fund raising has gone to buy heart machines in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital and the Mater Hospital for teenagers. they provide valuable support for parents etc by being able to see a psychologist, having coagulation machines provided to families.
    They also provide assistance to help those whose children need to have surgery done in the UK. I have been a member now for a few years and they are incredible, the work and dedication they give to Heart Children Ireland is wonderful. They continue to create awareness of children born with heart defects by having regional information days, provide social ocassions for parents and children etc to meet,m Christmas Party, and picnics.
    As a Heart Child survivor, I am thankful to be a member of Heart Children and I am proud of Margaret, Linda in the office, committee, sub committee , sponsors, volunteers, cardiac team in OLCH Crumlin and in the Mater Hopspital for the work they do for Haert Children Ireland, it is who we are and what we do. Michael O’Callaghan

  • Mary Kent

    Dogs for the Disabled transform the lives of children and adults with disabilities in a practical and fun way. They receive NO GOVERMENT funding and are an extraordinary low cost organization operating on 100% fundraised money and volunteers hard work.

    Our son, Pierce, was given Bruno,, an assistance dog, in December 2012. Pierce is severely disabled but has not used his wheelchair since Bruno came into his life. He is now connected by a harness to Bruno and walks tall and independently.

    Please give other children this amazing miracle by giving your vote to Dogs for the disabled! Thanks. Mary,

  • kathleen kelleher

    Iam voting for Bumbelance.

  • Thomas

    I am voting for Dyspraxia Association Ireland because it needs the help

  • Jenny

    I know you all have the charity you want to vote for but just listen please! Please give at least one vote to Aoibheann’s Pink Tie (like us up on facebook or follow us on twitter). I can guess some of you are like “What’s Aoibheann’s Pink Tie?” Well
    Aoibheann’s Pink Tie was set up in 2010 after our friend and Chairperson Jimmy Norman’s daughter, Aoibheann, passed away. During their long battle with cancer, Jimmy met with a lot of parents going through the trauma of having a child with cancer, and more specifically identified with the financial burden that inevitably follows diagnosis. We are registered with the Irish Cancer Society and affiliated with St. John’s Oncology Ward in Crumlin Hospital. Olympic gold medal champion Katie Taylor is our charity ambassador.So what does Aoibheann’s Pink Tie do? What we do is provide financial and practical help to those families in need of it. This will hopefully allow the families the ability to focus on their child and working through their illness. Families are often lost in the mix when their children go through this battle, but it’s not just the child that gets cancer, it’s the whole family as each is affected and must struggle.We raise funds through various events and fundraisers that people would like to do for us and we use this to support families who are recommended to us by the senior social worker in St. John’s Ward Crumlin Hospital. So I WILL ASK YOU AGAIN IF YOU CAN THINK OF GIVING ONE VOTE TO AOIBHEANN’S PINK TIE THAT WOULD BE GREAT THANK YOU

    • catriona

      Jenny i couldnt have said it better myself but personally as a mother of 4 children i couldnt even possibly imagine what these poor children & families are going through. Aoibheanns Pink Tie is Amazing, ill keep voting for them X

      • Jenny

        Thank you very much!

  • Peter

    Having analysed all charities my vote goes to Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. This is in my opinion the most deserving cause.

  • john mcvey

    Vote bumbelance amazing charity run by amazing ppl

  • kathleen kelleher

    I want to vote for Bumbelance to win as its such a fun way for little children to travel.
    Take away their misery for a little while when traveling to hospital.

  • Miriam Brosnan

    Vote for BUMBLEance

  • i wish to vote for AOIBHEANN’S PINK TIE, as i have seen first hand what this charity does for parents that is everyone’s worst nightmare.

  • Our kids ambulance video:

    Listen to a parents perspective.

    Can you vote for #BUMBLEance to make it charity of the year TKS

    Our service gets ZERO state support. Built by parents for parents whos children deserve thst every opportunity must be taken to make life a little bit better at every opportunity.

  • kathleen kelleher

    I would like to vote for bumbleance.

  • Lorna Buchanan

    Vote for Bumbleance. My grandson Jack availed of their services to go to Temple Street Hospital and he had such a lovely experience . He still talks about it. Makes their journey to hospital less stressful for the parents too. So vote number 1 Bumbleance

  • Lorna Buchanan

    Vote for Bumbleance. My grandson Jack availed of their services .Such a wonderful experience he had going to Temple Street Hospital and made the journey less stressful for Jack and his mum and dad. So vote Bumbleance for all those children out there who need it

  • I would like to thank everyone for voting for BUMBLEance and admire Jim’s comments above.

    As a father who knows personally the pain of losing a child and soon to be children, the volunteers at charities allow parents like us to make a difference.

    Happy New Year

    Tony Heffernan

  • Sean G

    From what I can see, each of the charities on the list is totally deserving of support, but since I have to pick one, I think that Aoibheann’s Pink Tie do fantastic work for children with cancer and their families and I’m giving them my votes…

    • kathleen kelleher

      Bumbelance all the way.

  • Anna Claire O’Connor

    I would like to vote for Bumbleance. The Heffernan family are amazing people, who still continue to try and help others in the face of tragedy and illness.

  • shiv

    aoibheann pink tie 100%…Tthere support is amazing for parents dealing with childhood cancer!! You never think its going to happen to your family but if it does this charity does amazing work helping families through it! plzzz vote

  • Mary Potts Ormonde

    Please vote for Aoibheanns Pink Tie. They have one aim only, to make life a bit easier and happier for the children of Ireland that are fighting cancer and to offer help and assistance to the children’s families and support to the families that have lost their kids to this devastating illness. Before August 2010, I never knew anything about childhood cancer in Ireland. Now it has taken over my life. My daughter who is now 9, is thankfully in remission but I know so many little kids that are still going through hell on earth while they try to fight cancer and their families have to watch this and still try to live normal lives. Please vote No. 17, to make life a little easier for these kids and their families. Thanks. Vote No. 17.

  • Conor Hughes

    Hi all,
    While every charity on here is amazing, my vote goes to Aoibheanns Pink Tie. Jimmy and the team of dedicated volunteers are all very special people. The work they do to put smiles on childrens faces is incredible. Whats more the support families receive is invaluable through a very difficult period.

    • kathleen kelleher

      Bumbleance need to win for all them little children give them some little hope.

  • Nev

    Please keep voting for Aoibheann’s pink tie. Childhood Cancer is terrifying for the child and their families. Put yourselves in their shoes and think what they are going through. 200 families a year have to live this nightmare and the only support they get is from Aoibheann’s pink tie……No support available from anywhere else…..Now think of your reality and hope that you never become one of them…..Thank you.

    Happy new year to all of you.

  • Helen

    Please vote Aoibheanns pink tie number 17. Had the pleasure to have got to know Aoibheann and her wonderful parents, there doing a wonderful job for other parents going through a very very hard time with children with cancer. Don’t sit back get voting Aoibheanns pink tie. Xxx

  • kathleen kelleher

    Please vote bumbelance.

  • BUMBLEance is a good & worth while charity its funded by all you good people out their & is doing the best job ever. It keeps a childs mind off the horrid thought of where their going when having to go to hospital 🙁 BUMBLEance is not just an ambleance for kids !!!! I am willing all you to vote for BUMBLEance. ..

  • Yvonne

    All these charities are fabulous, but when you have to watch your innocent child go through cancer it is the darkest of roads!! No child deserves to go through this horrible disease! Unfortunately somebody in Ireland is being told this week maybe today those dreaded words your child has cancer !!! Somebody’s world is falling apart ! That feeling of numbness, as you go through the journey, the anger , the loneliness, the worry , the uncertainty is harrowing ! Your family gets torn apart between hospitals and home, siblings get left behind , work can’t get done , family life CHANGES !!!! But Aoibheann s Pink Tie takes some of that away. Jimmy and his team do fantastic work in alleviating some of the darkest moments families go through. Their dedication to families of children with cancer in Ireland is second to none !! I just can’t say enough about jimmy and the APT team. You are wonderful people who bring light into as I said the darkest time of a family’s life. Thank u xx vote Aoibheann Pink Tie

    • There have been many wonderful comments made on this forum, any one who knows me will tell you that I truly believe all these charity’s are incredible, I have been in Barretstown with Aoibheann she loved the experience. I look forward to working with Bumbleance. We all have one goal Children who need us.

      Jimmy Norman

      Founder chairman Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

      • Nev

        Couldn’t have put it better myself Jimmy. All of these charities and their volunteers do amazing work for their children/families to help them cope with their illnesses. I was in Barrettstown myself with my child. They were amazing and because they are well established, they have mainstream advertisement right across the media spectrum. I certainly believe that this competition in itself, has given all of the charities great exposure through the power of social media and will benefit them through raised awareness etc…..

        Keep up the great work APT.

        All the best.


  • Please vote for ICAN – Irish Children’s Arthritis Network

    This network has been set up by parents from across Ireland of children living with arthritis to raise awareness of the condition and lobby to improve services for children with juvenile arthritis in the health system. Ireland is the 2nd worst country in the world for providing adequate services to children with JA. The World Health Organisation (WHO) state that the recommended waiting time for treatment for a child with arthritis is 6 weeks. At this stage, damage is starting to set in around the joints. The currently waiting list in Ireland is 2years 4months!

    Please take 1 minute to vote for ICAN

    Thank you sincerely from my heart

  • Agnes

    They are all very worthy charities but Aoibheann’s Pink Tie is run by a group of volunteers thus ensuring that all the money raised goes back out to help the families in St John’s Ward, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. 3 children in Ireland are diagnosed with Cancer every week, that’s 150 children a year that need the help of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. This charity gives practical support to the families of children affected by cancer and pays special attention to their siblings who feel left out and isolated as mum and dad spend so much time in hospital.

  • kathleen kelleher

    Come on guys vote for bumbelance its a fun way for the sick children under terrible conditions having to endure the tough journey to hospital.

  • Yvonne

    Vote Aoibheann s pink tie

  • Aoibheann pink tie!!! AMAZING charity!!!

    • kathleen kelleher

      Bumbelance to win please.

  • Hi Folks,

    What I propose is the following, lets put the energy into ensuring that Aoibheans Pink Tie win this year, and myself and Jimmy will discuss how BUMBLEance can support and work with APT , Crumlin and the likes.

    Next year, BUMBLEance can ask for the support from APT supporters?

    I would ask though that both APT and all others supporting all charities please donate your old phones to support the running of BUMBLEance, and you never know you might even be the person who wins a BRAND NEW MERCEDES Car for your support!

    please share this link too.



    • Tony

      I know that you and I are going to be great friends, we are cut from the same cloth. I will help you in any way that I can to support your fantastic effort.

      I promise on the memory of my darling Aoibheann, That I will get everyone behind your efforts to win in the future.

      I so look forward to meeting you and helping you get more BUMBLEance on the roads of Ireland for our children.


      • Nev

        Fair play Jimmy and Tony. It’s so moving to see the both of you pulling together for the sick children of Ireland like this… This is what it’s all about…..I wish you both every success in everything that yous are doing.

        Take care.


  • Tony Doyle

    Two very worthy charities in Aoibheanns Pink Tie and Bumbleance, my vote was for Aoibheanns Pink Tie all along. But I think its very poor form for both to be so blatantly colluding and plotting to rig future votes.

    The vote should be fair and impartial and give everyone the same chance,.particularly when these two groups already have such a sizeable and very passionate following compared to others in the competition, who could do with the support and exposure. Whatever happened to fair play?

    Organisers, I hope ye are reading these comments.


      Hi Tony, we do read the comments 🙂 and we are so very pleased that people take the time to write feedback. Both charities have worked hard to galvanise their supporters, as have the other charities involved. In these times, particularly with all the bad press about CRC, charities are finding it harder and harder to get support. So we’re happy that our Charity Vote gives charities of all sizes and fan bases the chance to be involved with parents and to get some attention. We wish all the charities the very best of luck, there’s still 2 weeks to go in the voting and rest assured Mykidstime always supports charities (whether they are are the Charity of the Year or not) by sharing their fundraising events and telling parents about them and about what they do. The annual charity just gets more attention from us 🙂 Jill one of the Organisers

    • Hi Tony.

      Jimmy here from Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.
      I am so sorry about offending you, and it was only when I read your post I could see your point, I am very new to all the world of the media. But I know when I have made a mistake for that I truly apologise.

      In both charities defence I don’t think we meant for it to be collusion or fixing, we maybe just got lost in the competition. My family and I have received great support and kindness from two of the charities in this competition, and would in no way mean to damage their chance of winning.

      I shall bring this mistake on my part to my committee, I am going to propose withdrawing from the competition, to have Aoibheann’s name mention in the same breath as the disgrace that is going on in the CRC is something I could not take.

      It is hard lessons that teach us in life.
      I will be back with the decision of our committee very soon as to let the competition move on.

      Jimmy Norman
      Chairman Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.


        Hi Jimmy, I don’t it’s necessary to withdraw from the vote and it wouldn’t be fair to everyone who has taken time to vote for APT. Both Bumbleance and Aoibheann’s Pink Tie are organisations that offer valuable support to parents and families. That’s my tuppenceworth anyway! Kind regards Jill

      • Tony Doyle


        Very gracious and humble of you to offer to withdraw from the competition but that’s not nessecary at all. Aoibheann’s Pink Tie deserves to win. And if ye win this competition every year it will be because ye deserve it.

        I was merely pointing out that any form of collusion is extremely unfair on other charities in the competition, particularly by the two strongest charities.

        Some of those charities are still starting out, just like you guys once were. Let’s just give them a fair shout at success.

        Again , please do not pull out of this competition. I for one will continue to vote for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

        • Thank you

          Tony and Jill again I hold my hands up honest mistake, I respect all the charities in the competition.

          I think it would be unfair to all the people that voted for us and the committee agreed.

          A hard lesson for me but one I will not forget.

          Jimmy Norman.

          Chairman Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

  • kathleen kelleher

    lease keep voting for bumbelance.

    • kathleen kelleher

      Bumbelance im running out of things to say.just keep voting for it.

  • BUMBLEance all the way…… Please keep voting every day no.8 !!!!!
    Take the time to think of how to keep our sick children happy when they know they are going to hospital,BUMBLEance will put that smile on their little faces & make them feel like royalty while all their special needs will be taken care of aswel.
    well done to Tony Heffernan & crew for getting such a great ambleance on the road & of coarse to all those many people that donated ,sponsered & fundraised to help fund the BUMBLEance ……

    • Peter

      Did you not read what tony heffernan is proposing? Think they will make a good team – great joined up thinking. Vote APT

  • Hi, I just wanted to say that my support of Aoibheanns Pink Tie brought me to this site and this made me aware of all these other excellant charities. That seems to me to be the real result of this competition so in effect they’re all winners.


      Hear hear Gaye 🙂

  • Edel

    All of these charities do amazing work . I have worked with Galway Autism Partnership since it started unpaid .GAP all came about from a facebook group I started ,parents meeting on common ground and sick of Galway having one of the worst autism services in the country
    In fact we have only one part time paid employee .
    Autism is often referred to as a hidden disability as it cant be seen .Hence many dont sympathise with what they cant see .
    GAP are still do not have a charity of the year for 2014 we could really do with your support and your vote.We currently support 450 families who have a member affect by autism in Ireland

    Disbiltiy in general does tend to get overlooked as it cant be cured but those affectedit can be supported and helped and given opportunities to reach their potential .

    I know GAP has little chance of winning this .But if you can if anything think what it is like to have a child who gets little services in Ireland and these impact on the quality of life that a child and their family has and most importantly on their future potential .Under the current system of cutbacks in Education, Health and Social Protection families are hit by three Governement bodies constantly in addition to what all parents face in Ireland in this current age .

    If anything from this voting please take away the thought of being able to see the word ABILITY in disability .

    I heartly wish all the charities best of luck in this .
    GAP is small and starting out yes but we are passionate in our commitment to our families and will do our best to continue ! Best of luck everyone !

  • nuala

    Hi as a mother who lost her son too leukiema one mth after his 16 birthday i would have loved to have the support of both of these charities! we had 7 mth from when Carl was diagnosed till his passing! And spent most of the 7 mths on St Johns Ward where we struggled with everything but the financial was very hard we would have been very grateful for Aoibheanns pink tie to help Carl and us!

    And also while we were there we had a lot of trips from Dublin too Wexford by Ambulance and the one the sticks out in our minds was his last one we waited 7 hrs for an ambulance to become available to bring our wonderful son back to wexford not knowing it was going to be the last time! and the ambulance men were not chatty and very uninterested in our son i can only imagine the difference Bumbleance would have made to this journey So I am affiliated to Aoibheanns Pink Tie as i know first hand how much Jimmy and the team do for these families but if i could have a second vote it would be for Baumbleace and thanks to this competition for making me aware of this charity


  • Kay Kelly

    Aoibheann’s Pink Tie is an amazing charity set up by parents who lost their beautiful daughter to cancer, it is in her memory and is helping other parents and their childre n to cope with everyday. Please support them and their amazing work.

  • kathleen kelleher


  • Brenda Marriott

    Please vote for Aoibheanns Pink Tie. An amazing charity set up by parents who lost their beautiful daughter Aoibheann to cancer and are helping so many families affected by childhood cancer.

  • Marie Barry

    I voted for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie today and it was at 69% – what on earth happened it’s now down to 46%…WEIRD or What??

  • Helen

    I have been voting for Aoibheanns pink tie what jimmy the founder and his team do for children fighting cancer is amazing I do not now them personally but I have seen the support and determination that this group is trying to make in family’s lives who have a child going through cancer which as a parent no child should go through but they will do what ever is within there power to help support and bring a little sunshine into the lives of these children and family’s lives to I hope they get the recognition that they fully deserve x

    • Annmarie

      Thank you Helen for your support xxx

  • kathleen kelleher

    Come on please one day left vote bumbleance.

  • Team Aoibheann

  • kathleen kelleher

    Ok this is the last chance so good luck bumbelance.

  • Hope my vote is not to late