Win a Copy of First Aid for Your Child’s Mind by Alicia Eaton

First Aid for Your Child's Mind by Alicia Eaton

Author and Children’s Behavioural Change Specialist, Alicia Eaton has just published her latest book, First Aid for Your Child’s Mind, and to celebrate we have 3 copies to give away!

About First Aid for Your Child’s Mind

Keeping children happy in the ‘age of anxiety’ was never easy – and now in the midst of a global Coronavirus pandemic, it’s going to be even harder. Gone are those carefree days of staying relatively sheltered from worrying news items as the Government ensure we all receive the messages about germs, washing hands and keeping away from other people, loud and clear.


Most parents will readily admit to feeling under-prepared when it comes to helping their child cope with emotional problems and in this new book, First Aid for Your Child’s Mind,  you’ll discover:

  • How to help your child express emotions and cope with difficult events.
  • What to say to soothe anxiety, fears and worries.
  • Which words to avoid because they’ll make your child feel worse!
  • How to talk about germs without creating life-long phobias.
  • How to help your child overcome school anxieties and OCD.

First Aid for Your Child's Mind

Whether your child is experiencing a fear of the dark or having trouble sleeping; is developing a fear of germs and going out – or worried about how they’ll ever return to school, you’ll find the solution in First Aid for Your Child’s Mind.

Other chapters include details on solving a fear of dogs or spiders, social media bullying, travel anxiety and stage fright or worries about interviews and auditions.

During the Coronavirus lockdown period, First Aid for Your Child’s Mind is also available as a PDF immediate download.

“Another brilliant book from Alicia Eaton. Full of practical suggestions and common sense, this is a book for parents wishing to encourage their children to be well-rounded, independent thinkers.” – Lorrine Marer, Children’s Behaviour Specialist Channel 5’s ‘The Teen Tamer’ and ‘Families Behaving Badly’

The Prize

3 copies of First Aid for Your Child’s Mind

How to Enter

To enter just fill in your contact details on our form below and we’ll be in touch with the three lucky winners by email after the closing date of Sunday 26th July.

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