Winners of our Denny Homecoming Photo Competition!

To celebrate the new Denny Homecoming ad, launched on St. Patrick’s Day, that features the real life homecoming of The Rooneys from Perth, Australia with their new baby Kiera to introduce her to her grandparents for the first time, we asked Mykidstime parents to show us their photos of a family gathering or homecoming. Here are the 3 winning photos!

1st Prize is Elaine C from Roscommon who wins a €50 voucher

1. elaine c roscommonThis is me and my husband at the airport at Christmas welcoming him home from Canada where he works.

We got married last October and he headed off a few weeks later. Our little boy who is two was waiting excitedly at home for his Daddy. He was bringing him presents so he was very excited.

We had a fabulous Christmas which we really celebrated with food. The big fry up Christmas morning with all the Denny products which are my favourite. We said bye bye to Daddy a week later but are very much looking forward to him coming home in two weeks where will be having Denny sausages probably everyday!

Elaine C from Roscommon

4. Susan McN Kildare

2nd Prize Susan McN from Kildare who wins a €25 voucher

We were all at the airport with a “welcome Home Daddy” banner. As daddy was away for 6 months. Kids got a day off school.

When we arrived to our house, all the extended family were there waiting for us and were in the middle of cooking the sausages and rashers!….

Susan MacN from Kildare

7. Lorraine D Galway3rd Prize Lorraine D from Galway who wins a €25 voucher

Because of recession I work away from home a lot. But when I get home at the weekends the kids love to prepare a special picnic for me. If its sunny we go out to the garden.

But with the unpredictable weather it could be a blanket in the sitting room!

Family time is so precious to me and it’s so sweet seeing the kids make such a effort.

Lorraine D from Galway

With thanks to Denny Gold Medal Sausages. Voted Ireland’s best tasting sausage. The Taste of Home.

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Jill is one of the co-founders of Mykidstime and a mum of 2 girls


  1. Elaine Callaghan says:

    Hi Denny/ My kidstime

    Just want to say thanks a million for choosing my picture as the winner. I’m thrilled cant wait to go shopping now 🙂

    Kindest regards

  2. Susan says:

    So delighted that my photo won a prize!!.
    That was such a special homecoming for us, I just love that photo!

    Thanks again

    Susan 😀