5 Good Summer Reads You Won’t Want to Put Down

Jill Holtz

June 20, 2018

good summer reads

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If it’s your turn to pick for book club or you just want ideas for some me-time reading, then we’ve picked out some literary delights for you to enjoy this Summer. Here are 5 Good Summer Reads You Won’t Want to Put Down:

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With summer holidays on the horizon, we can only dream about lazy days with a book in hand…let’s work on making it a reality this year! We’ve compiled some of our favourites that are perfect for sunny summer days, and we want to know what you’re reading – leave a comment below and let us know what we need to add to our must-reads.

Unmissable Summer Reads

Tangerine by Christine Mangan


The last person Alice expected to see  in Tangier with her new husband was Lucy Mason. After the accident at Bennington, the two friends – once inseparable roommates – haven’t spoken in over a year. But there Lucy was, trying to return to their old rhythms. Soon a familiar feeling overtakes Alice – she feels controlled and stifled by Lucy at every turn.

Then Alice’s husband goes missing, and Alice questions everything around her: her relationship with her friend, her decision to come to Tangier, and her own state of mind. Tangerine has already been optioned by George Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures, with Scarlett Johansson to star.

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Love and Ruin by Paula McLain

By the author of the bestselling The Paris Wife, comes Love and Ruin, another novel about Ernest Hemingway. For an author so brief with his words, Ernest Hemingway certainly had a tumultuous romantic life.

This book chronicles his famously passionate, stormy relationship with Martha Gellhorn, who came to Madrid as a young reporter eager to prove herself.

Along the way, she falls in love with a handsome, successful writer – and the rest is history.

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The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll

the favourite sister

In the follow up to the Luckiest Girl Alive, two sisters join the cast of a reality TV series about ambitious, hyper-successful women.

But of the two sisters, only one will make it through the season alive.

The Favorite Sister explores the invisible barriers that prevent women from rising up the ranks in today’s America – and offers a scathing take on the oft-lionized bonds of sisterhood, and the relentless pressure to stay young and relevant.

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The Woman in the Window by A J Finn

the woman in the window

In The Woman in the Window, Anna lives alone – a recluse in her New York home, unable to venture outside. She spends her day drinking (maybe too much), watching old movies, recalling happier times… and spying on her neighbours.

Then the Russells move into the house across the way: a father, a mother, their teenage son. The perfect family. But when Anna sees something she shouldn’t, her world begins to crumble – and its shocking secrets are laid bare.

What is real? What is imagined? Who is in danger? In this gripping thriller, no one – and nothing – is what it seems.

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One Click by Andrea Mara

One Click is the second novel by Irish writer Andrea Mara, the follow on to her acclaimed debut The Other Side of the Wall.

When Lauren takes a photo of a stranger on a beach and shares it online, she has no idea what will come of that single click. It’s only when she starts to get anonymous messages about the woman on the beach that she deletes the photo.

It’s too late, and the messages escalate, prompting Lauren to confess to the woman. The woman has her own dark story, one that might explain the messages. Then her ex-husband begins to harass her, telling her she shares too much online and brought this on herself.

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What I’m Reading…

Friend Request Never Greener You Are Awesome

I’ve got a few on the go at the moment, because there are just so many good reads to get through! On the fiction front, Friend Request is a really addictive thriller, while Never Greener is an astute and gripping debut novel from actress Ruth Jones.

I’m also checking out You Are Awesome for my daughter. Written by bestselling mindset author and Olympian Matthew Syed, this positive and empowering read is designed to teach children about confidence, resilience and self-belief – Emily, Editor of Mykidstime

5 Good Summer Reads You Won't Want to Put Down

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