Kevin The Carrot Is Back (And In Love!) in the Aldi Christmas Ad

Kevin the carrot

Kevin the Carrot was a huge hit last year, boosting Aldi’s sales by 15 per cent in the run up to Christmas. Kids fell in love with him, and Kevin soft toys sold out in minutes. Fans will be delighted to know that Kevin the Carrot is back in this year’s Aldi Christmas ad – and he is looking for someone to spend Christmas with…

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Last year’s Aldi ad showed Kevin as he set off to meet Santa, and this year’s ad picks up where we left him – stuck as a snowman’s nose.


He manages to dislodge himself and, in his hunt for Santa, boards a moving train. Across a full festive table of Aldi delights, he spies Katie and it’s love at first sight!

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Kevin the carrot

Once again narrated by Golden Globe-winning actor Jim Broadbent, Kevin the Carrot will make his 2017 debut on television this evening, with the ad shown on ITV at 7.15pm.

If you can’t wait til then to see it, check it out here:

Be prepared, “I think I pea-d myself” is definitely going to be the line your kids are quoting over and over again!

Keep an eye out for both Katie and Kevin the Carrot soft toys in Aldi stores from November 23rd, in aid of Aldi’s charity partner Teenage Cancer Trust.

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Kevin the Carrot

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Kevin the Carrot

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