What Levi Miller (Peter Pan) Really Thought of Hugh Jackman (Blackbeard)


October 6, 2015

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We’re super excited here in Mykidstime HQ at the imminent release of the Warner Bros movie Pan which is in Irish cinemas on October 16th. In this Q&A session with the young star, who has just turned 13, find out what Levi Miller (Peter Pan) really though of Hugh Jackman (Blackbeard)!

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Q:Are you excited to be a part of Pan?

Yes, I am so excited! It’s pretty amazing.

Q: How did you get the opportunity to play Peter Pan in this movie?

Well, I have been acting since I was quite young, then I started to audition more for films and this one came through. So, I did a screen test, after which I got a call back and then another one later on. That’s when they flew me over to Los Angeles, which was pretty insane as I had never been to America before.

Then I got another call back to go to England! Three weeks later, director Joe Wright called me to tell me that I got the role.

Q: What was your reaction?

I couldn’t stop screaming. I was just so excited. I think I even started crying. [Laughs]

Q: How much did you know about the character?

PANI had seen the 2003 Peter Pan movie, Hook and other versions, and I had read the book. Also, when I was about five years old I played Peter Pan in a competition. I remember doing a monologue about him and fairies, and I won!

It’s funny…This movie is different because it is an origin story. Peter is in an orphanage until he is taken away on this magical adventure and gets to fight villains and learn to survive in Neverland.

Q: What kind of kid is Peter when we meet him in Pan?

He is a bit cheeky and gets into trouble with the nuns at the orphanage.

Q: What do you like the most about him?

He is quite adventurous and a bit of a rebel. And he can fly, which is pretty cool.

Q: Would you say you are a bit like that too?

I try to be!

Q: Being Australian, was it a challenge to get the British accent right for the character?

That was actually quite easy because the Australian accent sounds a bit like a Cockney dialect, so that kind of helped me get into it.

Q How was the shoot in England?

It was difficult but definitely fun. I really enjoyed it.

IMG_2318.DNGQ: Can you remember an especially fun day that you had on set?

I’ll never forget when I first saw the native village in Neverland, with its beautiful colors. It was just mind-blowing.

I remember exploring all its little corners and details. I think discovering all those things that you wouldn’t really know were there unless you took a careful look is what I enjoyed the most.

Q: That is where we meet the character of Tiger Lily. What is her relationship like with Peter Pan?

When she first meets Hook [played by Garrett Hedlund] and Peter, it is a bit awkward because she thinks we are evil; but then we develop a friendship and even become teammates, and that ends up being the kind of relationship that they have.

Q: How was it working with Rooney Mara, who plays that fascinating character?

Rooney was absolutely lovely! I loved working with her, and we became good friends. And she brought these two puppies on set that were fun to hang out with.

Q: Hook in this movie is not the Captain Hook we are accustomed to see in other portrayals, where he is Peter Pan’s enemy.

Yes, because Hook is Peter’s friend in our movie. There is a bit of anger in him too, but they joke around with each other. It was my first time meeting Garrett Hedlund, and I think he is so good at what he does.

Q: Hugh Jackman portrays Blackbeard, the true villain of the film.

Yes. He is evil and a bit scary. It’s going to surprise people to see Hugh in that role. He was also so lovely and easy to work with. It was just a really fun cast!

Q: And how much fun was it to fly?

It was pretty cool! They had all these different gadgets to get me up into the air, including this robotic arm that would move me around. I think it was best with that, as it was just on my waist. And once I was on it I definitely felt like I was flying because I truly was!

It was harder to wear the harness in the water scenes, but after getting the hang of it I ended up having a lot of fun with that too.

Q: How was it working with your director, Joe Wright?

He is lots of fun, and I definitely enjoyed working with him. He jokes around a lot on set, which made me and the rest of the cast feel very comfortable.

Q: So, what do you believe audiences from all over the world should expect from Pan then?

Pan is a very good family film that has something for everyone and that all ages can enjoy. I am proud to be a part of it and so excited for everyone to be able to enjoy it.

Q: Would you say that this whole experience has been a dream come true for you?

Absolutely, and I just can’t wait for it to come out. I can’t believe I got the opportunity to do this amazing thing.

PAN, Cert PG, will be released in Irish cinemas on October 16th with previews this weekend.


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