Meet Ellie’s Reindeer Pal Archie in McDonald’s Christmas Ad 2019

Jill Holtz

November 18, 2019

mcdonald's christmas ad 2019

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The McDonald’s Christmas ad is out and we’re loving the reindeer theme again. It’s a nice mix of animation and real film, and you’ll definitely love Archie the Reindeer, with a surprising twist! Meet Ellie’s Reindeer Pal Archie in McDonald’s Christmas Ad 2019:

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Following on from last year’s ‘Reindeer Ready’ campaign, this year’s McDonald’s Christmas ad 2019 features a little girl called Ellie and her cute reindeer pal named Archie.

Ellie wants to play a game of ‘reindeers’ with her older sister Jenny. However, the grumpy teen is not interested and slams the door on her little sis.

Ellie’s dad then introduces her to Archie the reindeer, and the two enjoy playing games and having fun.

When Ellie runs out of ‘Reindeer Treats’ to feed Archie, Dad decides there’s still time to head to McDonald’s to buy some more. And Jenny decides to come too.

Having restocked their Treats stash in the drive-thru, Jenny announces “Us reindeers like McNuggets too” as she puts on her reindeer horns.

At the Drive-Thru, Ellie’s dad orders ‘Reindeer Treats’ and when the animation turns to live film, we find out that Archie is actually Ellie’s dog dressed up as a reindeer.

McDonald’s will be giving out free ‘Reindeer Treats’ (carrots) to families on Christmas Eve.

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Archie the Reindeer Storybook

mcdonalds christmas book

McDonald’s are also launching a brand-new Archie the Reindeer storybook, “Christmas Adventures of Archie” available in ebook and audiobook form.

Follow Archie and his friends as they deliver their Christmas wishes to Santa and discover what Christmas is really all about.

You can order and download the new book from the McDonald’s Reindeer Ready Hub.

Reindeer Jumper Competition

mcdonalds christmas jumper

And for adults, you can enter a special competition to win one of the green Reindeer Jumpers, they are giving away 2,000 jumpers to UK entrants and 500 to Irish entrants.

You can enter on the Reindeer Ready website, you must be 18+ and entries are limited to 1 per person. Enter before midnight 5th December 2019.

Over to you now. What did you think of the McDonald’s Christmas ad 2019? Tell us in the comments below. 

Meet Ellie's Reindeer Pal Archie in McDonald's Christmas Ad 2019

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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