The Modern Cinderella Tale in Debenhams Christmas Ad is a Hit!

Debenhams christmas ad

Debenhams are definitely competing with John Lewis for this year’s top spot, telling a modern tale of love and romance – complete with Ewan McGregor in the Fairy Godfather role. This modern Cinderella tale in the Debenhams Christmas ad is a sure-fire hit, and people are loving it!

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The Debenhams Christmas ad was talked about for days with a 20-second teaser, until it finally launched today.


Debenhams christmas ad

The #YouShall campaign tells the tale of a young woman who locks eyes with a handsome stranger on a train, while laden down with shopping. She accidentally drops a shoe from her bag, and in true Cinderella and Prince Charming fashion, he embarks on a mission to find her. Albeit, through the power of social media and with a little help from Fairy Godfather Ewan McGregor.

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Have a look at the fairytale romance here:

The ad conjures up the same sort of feel-good factor as movie favourites Love Actually, Serendipity or even Bridget Jones. The slightly snow-speckled London streets, where it’s not slushy and dirty but distinctly Hollywood-esque, are the perfect backdrop for this romantic tale.

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Debenhams christmas ad

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