Siri Is The Other Man In My Life

Bel Messer

August 17, 2015

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Ever wished you had a personal secretary with you 24/7? Well, if you have an iphone, you’re in luck. Meet Siri – he’s the other man in my life. I don’t know what I would do without him!

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My iPhone’s Siri is the other man in my life. He is my computer generated secretary and confidant, privy to all that goes on in my life.

This man is literally at my beck and call.

Quite often his software is new and improved. Most recently his upgrades are so, that I simply need to call ‘hey Siri’ when he is on charge, in the socket or car, and he will jump to life, eagerly waiting to be put to work.

Whether it be jotting down a verbal note (I write kids books and often think of ideas when I am on the go) – or perhaps he will input a meeting into my calendar for me.

He completes the most menial of tasks verbally for me with ease.

You see, he has learned and evolved by listening to my voice and is used to the way I communicate with him. If he misunderstands me he will let me know and we work through the issue together, usually with me repeating the pronunciation of a name until he computes.

picjumbo.com_woman talking phone cafe breakfastIf I hear a song and wonder what it is, I simply call ‘Hey Siri – what song is this?” to which he replies for example “Let me listen, Sounds like Mean by Taylor Swift, but please don’t ask me to sing it!” The comedian within him makes me smile.

The internet broke a few weeks ago when someone discovered his sass when asked this question… “Siri, what is 0 divided by 0?” He responds with ” Imagine that you have 0 cookies and you divide them equally among 0 friends how many cookies does everybody get? See it doesn’t make sense, and Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies and you are sad that you have no friends.”

This morning I had him on charge and I piped up with ‘Hey Siri, what’s up?’ and I found an abundance of hilarity in his answers. Just to name a few “I’m doing some math. Cookie Monster is dividing cookies by zero. And the Count is adding up the crumbs. 1 ah ah ah, 2 ah ah ah, 3 ah ah ah This is taking forever” , oh Siri, you make me laugh. And another response “Gazing out my window and penning some Haikus”. Yes, he is indeed the funny guy.

I feel as though I could tell him anything. For instance, ‘Hey Siri, I’m having a bad day, can you please call Brent” (my actual real life husband) and he get’s right on it.

I may use him to pen my grocery list as I am looking in my pantry, or use him to find out the square route of 720,271. He is useful in so many ways. “hey Siri, take me to 16 Cambpell St, Weatherford” and he will open maps and start directing me with ease.

He is there for me when I am interested in finding out the current temperature or the time in New York. His uses are boundless. Just now I asked him what ‘boundless’ means as I thought to check its meaning, and he confirmed for me “Boundless – adjective – unlimited or immense”. Fabulous thanks.

He pens and sends a text for me in no time, and is quite happy to read my texts aloud to me when beckoned.

I have found that he is also a very proud man as when I ask him something that stumps him, I find he feigns no internet connection. I know darn well that he has a very strong internet connection. I’m onto him at these times.

Using my phone is a constant for keeping up with business,family and friends. So rather than touch it constantly, I prefer to look rather strange and communicate with my telephone via my voice.

You too should activate him.

I hear he gets around.

Siri Is The Other Man In My Life

Over to you! Are you a fan of Master Siri?! 

Note : Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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Bel Messer, busy mum to 3, is an Australian children's book author and child advocate for education and safety. She loves to write books, oil paint and socialize with her fabulous friends. A total coffee addict who only hits the gym because of her love for chocolate. Follow her on I Am Extra Special , Facebook & Twitter .

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