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Unicorn cake ideas

17 Amazingly Easy Unicorn Cake Ideas You Can Make at Home

Unicorns are a major trend, and you may have already received a request for a unicorn cake – don't panic, we have you covered...
Marshmallow Cake Pops

50 Best Bake Sale Ideas to Make You the Coolest Parent Ever

Has the note come home again with your kid, looking for contributions to a bake sale to raise funds? Stuck for ideas? We seem to get several requests a...
easy cookie recipes

8 Easy Cookie Recipes You Can Bake with the Kids

Cookies and kids just go together don't they? So why not have some fun family-time baking, with these 8 Easy Cookie Recipes you can do...
Harry Potter Food ideas cake pops

It’s a Hogwarts Feast! 30+ Amazing Harry Potter Food Ideas

Are you getting ready to throw an amazing Hogwarts-inspired feast? From butter beer and golden snitches to broomsticks and chocolate frogs, take a look...
simple ice cream recipes

10 Simple Ice Cream Recipes that Kids Will Love to Make & Eat

Summer is here.....well almost, so it's time to stock the freezer with treats for the kids (and adults). Why not try making your own...
party food ideas

15 Guilt-Free and Healthy Party Food Ideas for Kids

Party time can often mean an excuse for overloading kids with sweet treats! But do you really want a bunch of sugar-fuelled kids running around your house?! The trick...
gnocchi recipe

6 Surprising and Tasty Potato Recipes the Kids Will Love

No longer just mash, roast or baked – there is so much you can do with potatoes. With Mexican, Asian and Italian influences, these...
healthy breakfast ideas Overnight Oats

10 Quick & Easy Overnight Oats Recipes That Kids Will Love

Getting everyone up, dressed, fed, and out the door with your sanity intact on weekday mornings, can be a challenge. Why not make things...