Apr 2010 Cooking with Children


Dear Mykidstime parents,

Any of you that have attempted to cook or bake with your children will know that it’s not always as fun or life affirming as it looks in the movies, sometimes it’s just plain dangerous.  From the 3 year old teetering on the edge of the counter top to the plague spreading hands of the helpers coming in from the garden or the baby helpfully handing you a knife, cooking with children can test the most chilled of parents.

Since my youngest daughter was 2 she has been trailing a huge chair around the kitchen in the off chance there was a spot of cooking to be assisted with.  Now that she’s six and is actually useful, it’s great fun and I love the chats we have over a pot or bowl  in the kitchen, however when she was a lot younger it was like being stalked by jaws.  Since cooking is my job, it’s rarely aimless  and mostly involves a deadline, usually I’m testing recipes for The Cook Club that have to be PRECISE, this activity is not always helped by my sticky offspring.

This month I’m giving you a couple of recipes that your children can easily help with, without testing your nerves.  Making your own pizza dough for my Neapolitan Pizza Recipe is very easy and your children can then choose their own toppings, it’s a good birthday party activity too if you’re feeling particularly brave.  Or try out my Fresh Strawberry Shortcakes, children love decorating and getting messy with the strawberries.  And nibbling on the mint!

While you have a captive audience try telling the kids the reasons behind good hygiene, they tend to be pretty eager to wash their hands if there’s the possibility of a spoon to lick.  So good luck with it and I hope you all enjoy these recipes.

Happy Cooking,


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