August's Seasonal Produce


Ah, the harvesting months have arrived, this is when all that hard work finally pays off. The land of plenty! So what can you expect fresh from the farm or your own garden in August?

Tomatoes are the king of the vegetables and fresh Irish organic tomatoes make any of the supermarket ones taste like cardboard. So if there is one crop you should try your hand at, it is this one. Watching Hannah our little girl get excited by the tomatoes changing colour and the sheer thrill of finding a red one is just priceless! Although finding a red one at the moment isn’t hard as you can see from our picture!




Cucumbers are another vegetable that really come into there own in August. They are easy to grow and one plant will produce more than you can use! A close relation is the courgette plant and these too do very well here in the Irish climate. They do like a little bit of sun but generally they cope with our grey weather fairly well.

So August is a very busy month and we are busy harvesting loads of veg. The first carrots are coming out of the ground, onions are being harvested and all the other usual veg that we have been putting in the boxes over the summer is still being harvested.




Green Earth Organics is based on a family run farm in Corrandulla. We run a box scheme that delivers fresh organic produce all over the Galway area and we also have a stall at the Oranmore and Moycullen market.

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Green Earth Organics

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