Castlemine Free Range Farm



 Lamb, Beef, Pork and Vegetables delivered to your door


Castlemine Free-Range Farm is a family run farm located in the heart of the Roscommon countryside. The farm is run by Sean Allen with his two sons Derek and Brendan, who are the latest of several generations to care for the land.

On the farm we produce the highest quality beef, lamb, pork, poultry and vegetables. We rear our meat with the best animal welfare standards which is reflected in the taste. 


Time is an important factor in the growth of our meat and vegetables. We grow everything at its optimal rates and NOT it’s maximum. We believe slowly grown equals a greater taste. Animals free ranging on pastures are happy and stress free. They don’t grow as fast as animals held indoors however, but at our farm we don’t mind taking more time to produce higher quality meat.

Once our meat is ready for sale we still don’t rush things. We hang beef for a minimum of 21 days and lamb for 7 to 10 days. Maturing meat in this way is a proven technique to add flavour. The air drying process removes excess water from the meat. This will greatly reduce shrinkage during cooking and you will not notice water in the pan when cooking.


Our promise to you

We aim to provide the highest quality meat direct from our farm to your door. We also aim to be very competitive on price without any compromise on quality. By eliminating 2 to 3 steps in the normal retail chain (i.e. processor, distributor, supermarket) we can provide you with the highest quality produce direct form our farm at very reasonable prices. Also, when buying through our meat box system you can make further savings on your shopping bill. The more you order the more you save.


Castlemine Free-Range Farm, Castlemine, Four mile house, Co. Roscommon.

Phone: 087 2231202; 086 8228085

Email: [email protected]


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