Cookbook Review: "A Modern Irish Cookbook"


In what has become Ireland’s first-ever ‘bloggers’ cookbook, consisting of recipes from the country’s ever-growing food blogging community, Goodall’s of Ireland has just launched A Modern Irish Cookbook

The cookbook is the culmination of a nationwide search by Goodall’s for recipes that represent what modern Irish home cooking looks like today and profits from the sales of the cookbook will be donated to the Cork Penny Diners and Crosscare charities.  Find out what Fiona, mum of 3, thought of "A Modern Irish Cookbook".

If someone were to ask you “What is modern Irish Cooking?” what would you reply? People might list the classics such as a good old Irish breakfast or hearty beef stew and rhubarb crumble for dessert. This book brings us recipes from some of Ireland’s most popular food bloggers. Focusing on locally produced food and traditional approaches to cooking, this book will give you a renewed zest for cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

The book is divided into five categories – light bites, brunch, dinner, bread and sweet things. Beside each recipe is a picture of the blogger who submitted it, and a brief insight into who they are, which I loved reading. All the recipes are set out in simple to follow, straightforward few steps. All are traditional meals we know and love but with a quirky twist.

Perusing through the pages, the wonderful images of good food left me feeling hungry – but not for my usual, fairly boring and typical meals. My sweet tooth has me flicking to the back of the book to find what yummy dessert recipes are offered and I’m not disappointed. I wondered if I too could cook up such culinary delights as the images before my eyes. I read through each recipe before deciding which ones I should try to recreate first. Then I headed to the shops with my list of ingredients.

Trying 3 Dessert Recipes

The Summer Berry Sandwich Cake proved easy to make and looked and tasted delicious. It is perfect for a light dessert and, as with all desserts containing fruit, I feel like the strawberries might, just might, cancel out the calories from the fresh cream! My kids loved this as much as we did.

The Rhubarb and Custard Crumble Cake takes longer to make but is so worth the extra effort. The hint of ginger and almond are a perfect pairing in this comforting crumble.

The final dessert recipe in the book is also my all-time favourite – Banoffee Pie! Crushing digestive biscuits in a bag was great fun for the kids. Emma’s simple and easy to follow steps, leave you with a sweet treat as good, if not better, as you would get in any posh restaurant. Absolutely scrumptious!

Other Recipes I Enjoyed

I loved the Light Bites such as the Marinated Mushroom Salad and Irish Onion Soup with Cider which will warm you up on a chilly afternoon. Moving onto Brunch, the curious title of the Deconstructed Irish Breakfast is an ingenious twist on a fry up. Even my husband who is more than a little partial to his fries loved it and its fanciness.

The Irish Angus Steak with Portobello Mushrooms and Garlic Bread reminds me of my time spent living in NY. Every Friday evening we'd head for dinner to celebrate the end of that working week. Religiously,  I'd order a steak sandwich. Quickly transported back to NY by my palate, I am yet again sitting in that Manhattan restaurant. This steak recipe fails to disappoint.

It’s never the compliment I wait for after cooking a nice dinner. I wait to see who reaches out for seconds. The Waterford Beef and Stout Stew’s aroma filled the house and had everyone running to the table. Even the neighbour’s cats sat purring at the back door begging for some. If the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, then you will have yours agreeing to anything after eating this meal.

Did I mention the homemade bread? The traditional soda bread with wild garlic and flax seed? All are to die for! Really I can find no fault with this book as I have loved all the recipes in it and so have my family. Perhaps the only negative will be my waistline as my portion sizes will go out of control as all taste like more!!

And if you thought this book couldn’t get any better, it does! The profits from ‘A Modern Irish Cookbook’ will be split between two deserving charities – Cork Penny Dinners and Dublin Food Bank. So all that’s left for me to say is thank you Goodalls for curating such fabulous, easy to cook meals that are nutritious and as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate!

Have you tried any recipes from A Modern Irish Cookbook?  Tell us what you thought of in the comments below

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