December's Seasonal Produce

You cannot talk about December and seasonal produce without mentioning the humble brussel sprout. This is a fiercely liked or disliked vegetable. From the point of view of a grower it is great to have something that is fully mature in the middle of December. On the other hand the harvesting of these mini cabbages can be quite a slow process, each sprout has to be harvested individually! By hand, and they aren’t always easy to remove from the plant requiring a quick hard snap to take them away.

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This year we have opted to only grow enough to supply our boxes for the Christmas week as it is hard to compete with the machine harvested sprouts not to mention the cheap imports.

The other December seasonal favourite and more so these days is the red cabbage. These again thrive in the Irish climate and are harvested in December, they provide a welcome dash of colour in the middle of the dull dark days.


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