Easy Peasy Baking


I recently came across “Easy Peasy Baking” by Mary Contini, and have found this to be an excellent addition to my cookbooks.  Mary is one of the directors of the famous Valvona & Crolla delicatessen in Edinburgh, and her family came from Italy to Scotland and started a fish & chip shop and sold Italian-style ice cream as well.

The recipes are easy to follow and I found them very child-friendly as well, in that the kids could easily help me with them.  We particularly enjoyed making Honey Bunnies (which are like mini carrot cake muffins) and Brumble Crumble, blackberry and plum crumble.  Each recipe has suggestions for variations, and as well as the ingredients, all the equipment that you’ll need is listed on each recipe, which is great for the kids to go and find everything in preparation.

If there’s one issue I have with the book, it is that not every recipe has a photo, and somehow, especially with baking, you feel you want to see what the finished product looks like.  But that’s a minor quibble, as this book really gets the mouth watering and the children clamouring to bake.

I would recommend this either for beginner bakers or for someone who is looking for new ideas for baking.

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