Feb 2010 Comfort Food


Dear Mykidstime parents,

‘The Big Freeze’ that we had in January is still affecting the way that I’m cooking, even thought the weather is milder now I still feel like eating comfort food.  I cycled my bike today for the first time this year, a bit of a disaster though as it wasn’t as warm as it looked from the inside of my centrally heated house.   I was halfway to town without gloves or a hat before I realised that it was probably only 2°C .   Gone too far to turn back, with numb hands and face I soldiered on cursing myself all the way.  I did feel a lot better for getting out on the bike, not paying for parking, doing my bit for the environment etc.  However, I was also dreaming of the food I would make when I got home, food to bring me back to life.
This month I’m giving you recipes that I consider comfort food, the beef stroganoff is really fast to make and is a favourite in my house, I only really make dessert at the weekend and this one is hard to beat.  If you like pudding in the old-fashioned sense then Eve’s Pudding is the one for you.  I really hope you make and enjoy these recipes and that they warm you up!

Happy Cooking,


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