Good4U is run by the Butler family who can only be described as energetic foodies who work around the clock making healthy eating simple, tasty and fun. Good4U has spent five years researching the effects of their products, which have concluded that Brocco shoots are conducive to fighting cancer whilst Alfalfa shoots are the ultimate way to lower cholesterol.Good4U develop, grow, harvest, mix and pack their own range of sprouted seeds and roast all of their seeds to make them tasty and different. Once packed Good4U products are delivered to all major supermarkets in Ireland within a short space of time in-order to guarantee total freshness.
Good4U is a brand with a heart that understands that ‘your health is your true wealth’. They have produced a range of award winning products that are easy to incorporate into your daily diet at friendly prices.


Lentil and bean shoots are a ready to eat crunchy mix of sprouted lentils, beans and peas giving flamboyancy to full bodied woks, soups and risottos. Toss into a curry, salad, omelette or whatever tickles your fancy…. Can be eaten hot or cold, add just before serving as lentil and bean shoots do not require further cooking.
Low Saturated Fat, High Protein, High Fibre, High Iron, Contains vitamin C – more when raw, Low Glycaemic Index, 80g = 1 of your 5 a day, Vegetarian friendly

Our green shoots including alfalfa shoots and brocco shoots are crunchy to eat, have a delicate flavour and contain an abundance of nutrients. They add a nice bite to any sandwich, wrap, salad or stir fry and there is more. Sprouts are bursting with digestible energy, vitamins and minerals and taste great too.
Brocco Shoots have up to 50 times more anti-cancer properties than mature broccoli, Low Saturated Fat, Low sodium, High in Antioxidants, Helps to reduce cholesterol, Contains vitamin C – more when raw, Source of Fibre

Our roasted seed mixes including roasted multi seed, roasted sunflower mix, roasted pumpkin mix, roasted chilli mix, vanilla pumpkin, roasted hemp seed are tasty healthy snacks. Also ideal for home baking, especially bagels and gourmet breads or bars. Sprinkle over roasted vegetables, stir fries, pizzas or abaked potato and sour cream. Adds a nutritious crunch to any salad, soup or sandwich.
High Energy, Low Saturated Fat, High Protein, High Fibre, High in Calcium, High in Zinc, High in Iron, Vegetarian friendly

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