July 2010 – Fabulous Fish Recipes


Dear Mykidstime Parents,

For being an island nation, it’s surprising that we don’t eat very much fish in Ireland. In fact, we export much of it. Yet fish is the ultimate fast food, sometimes taking only minutes to cook. It’s a good source of protein, B vitamins, iron and other minerals. White fish is low fat, while oily fish like salmon and mackerel are high in vitamins A and D and are rich in brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

While you may enjoy eating fish in restaurants, many people are unsure how to cook fish themselves. Or you might be afraid of the bones in fish, especially when serving it to children. But this is where you can put your fishmonger’s expertise to work – ask them to debone the fish for you. If you’re still nervous, then once it’s cooked at home, flake it apart and check through it for bones one last time before serving it to your kids.

These two recipes take the fear out of fish – they’re delicious and easy to prepare. Our Roasted Caramel Salmon is a cheat’s version of a traditional Vietnamese caramel sauce, but without the daunting prospect of fretting over a pot of boiling sugar. Kids love this dish because of the sweetness of the sugar. Leaving the coriander, scallions and chilli as garnishes means you can leave them out altogether for the kids’ portions, according to their tastes, and add as much flavour and heat as you like to your own.

Fish cakes are always a winner with kids and adults alike, and ours are given a superfood boost by being made with salmon. Since the one thing fish is lacking is carbohydrates, this Creamy Lemon and Herb Potato Salad works brilliantly as a side dish for the fish cakes, though it would work equally well alongside any simply prepared fish or chicken or as part of a barbecue or picnic.

If fish isn’t part of your normal menu rotation, why not give it a try this month?

From our kitchens to yours,

Kelly & Kristin

You can find these recipes and more family favourites on our blog, www.dinnerdujour.org.

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