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Live Q&A with Bridget Wing, Dip NT mNTOI

Nutrition for Kids and Families

Held Tuesday 10th May, 2011


Alison Gately
Hi- my kids are terrible for fruit and veg- no amount of making funny faces with them or ‘hiding them’ in pastas or stews will work. My only success is smoothies, and I don’t want them to have them too often. short of pureeing veg into stew, any suggestions? thanks 🙂
Rachel Douglas I have one of those children, for the veg apart from making pasta sauce and soups I used to grate veg and put it into meatballs, in fact grated veg is v easy to hide 🙂
Sinéad Gogan Maybe grow some, they love helping plant the seeds and watch em grow and when they fruit they can just pick off the fruits/veg & eat them.
Ellen O’Neill my kids will eat mostly all the foods they hate at home if they are fed at a friend’s house lol. try getting other kids to eat with them if they have friends or family nearby.
Mairéad Kelly Get them to take JuicePlus for a year, it increases their tastebuds while giving them their required daily nutrition. Made a huge difference with my daughter who wouldn’t eat anything last year, now eats most of what is put in front of her. Contact Alice Kennedy for more info – tell her I told you.
Sharon Mitchell Mullins ‎@Mairead how can I contact Alice? Do you have more info.. Have a fussy eater in my house. Thanks a mil

Sinead Lawlor
Very simple question!! Is Lactose Free milk nutritionally satisfactory for a 1 year old? My son reacts (suspect it’s an intolerance) to cows milk and he won’t drink goats milk.
Bridget Wing It will do as a drink but i wouldn’t recommend taking it all the time. It is a highly processed product. For optimum calcium you’ll need lots of green veg, ground almonds, tahini….thats just for starters! persevere with the goats – add it little by little to the cows till you’ve replaced cows completely
Sinead Lawlor Thanks. I’ll try!! I had my first son on soya and found out that was bad so I’m very nervous. Tx 4 the tip.

Lèon Fox
My son is 18 months and has only started to eat solids. He’s allergic to milk, eggs and nuts. At the moment toast, chopped meat, dry cereal and the odd fruit puree is all he will eat – any suggestions for other things I can try?

Helen Gaffney
where do you bring a child to if you want to test for food intolerance. There are labs where you send away a blood sample are they any good?
Bridget Wing There are allergy testing labs – I’ll get you the details after if you want to ring me. It can be easy sometimes to do it by observation and food diary as a first step as the tests are expensive.
Helen Gaffney That would be great
Sinéad Gogan best place is your GP they’ll take a sample and send it away, some of those labs are not trustworthy. I found out from GP.
Bridget Wing GP’s can often miss intolerances as the hospital labs check only some of the Ig immune respones and miss delayed reactions.

Anne Marie Mullan
Hi, my sons have sensory problems and most veg “feels” bad to them – I wonder would supplements do until they get more used to texture. They have mouth ulcers at the moment …
Bridget Wing You can get liquid green or multivit supp’s in health food shop thats kids lik.e Cant recommend a brand at the moment as I cant recall the name! For the mouth ulcers try aloe vera juice. (also very good for immune system)
Anne Marie Mullan thats great will give it a try – thanks a million

Jennifer Buttner
How good are the probiotic yogurt drinks – have read that the probiotic content is low – are they worth the premium we pay for them. Do they give any benefit ? Thanks
Bridget Wing Not worth the money at all. Packed with sugar. Good quality unsweetened natural yogurt is best (Glennilen farm, glenisk, yeo valley)
Mykidstime Bridget – how do you tell if something is too high in sugar?
Sandra Elmes Does this apply to the yogurts too?
Jackie Crowe My query is along same lines as Jennifer, I have a 5 yr old very fussy eater who has no dairy in her diet, no milk no cheese etc. She will drink actimels but I am concerned that they contain too much sugar.
Bridget Wing All fruit flavoured yogs are full of sugar. If you have a child who really will not touch nat yog then a little honey or maple syrup of sugar free jam generally does the trick. Remeber green veg is high in calcium too!

Maria asks “Are cereal bars a good healthy option for lunchboxes? I’m always looking for little things to add to the boxes that fit with the school’s eating policy”
Janice Maverley Cereal bars are not the best, so sugar laden……:)::), try making sugar free jelly and putting in a small tupperware container……;0
Aideen Ní Chéilleachair noooo! sugar is high on the ingredients list for most cereal bars!
Bridget Wing most cereal bars are packed with sugar (often around 28% and remember thats nearly 1/3 of the product). The are a couple of sugar free and tasty ones in health food shop – Naked bars are a great hit with kids. Making flapjacks is also quick and you can chop in dates/ apricots/raisins for sweetners
Tricia Ivers i find boiled apples and suger free custard and pulsed bananas and a small cream perfect
Mykidstime Thanks!
Aideen Ní Chéilleachair we do a variety of fruit, berries, carrot sticks, rice cakes, rolls, brown bread. Our school policy indicates a need for carbs, fruit, veg, meat (or alternatives) at school. Getting th children involved in buying, chopping and selecting the fruit and veg can give it added interest.
Tricia Ivers haha silly i no thanks for liking my comment
Jennie Browne making your own cereal bars are a great way to get the kids involved, lots of nuts & seeds and gooey maple/golden syrup or honey to bind. plus you can decide how much sugar/syrup goes in..

Maria McKevitt
I am having trouble lately in getting her to eat savoury foods such as dinners. She holds it in her mouth instead of swallowing or chewing.
Maria McKevitt Should have mentioned its my 7 month old, all she will eat is fruits or anything sweet
Bridget Wing If this is a new fad then best ignore it but offer nothing else instead. Calmly clearing away/throwing away unwanted food and nothing more given or jimjams and bed if dinner nit eaten may do it!
Bridget Wing it’s never too young to learn!You can still show a no fuss tolerance with real little ones. Sweet potato and carrots are both very sweet and if she likes either one you can gradually add in other savoury flavours to them. Also plain porridge pureed, cooked rice pureed are a litle sweet but remember if you go with this fad now she’ll be craving sweet flavours as she grows.
Maria McKevitt Thanks a million, have used the sweet potato previously and she seemed to like it. Was getting a little worried that she would grow with the sweet cravings, hopefully she will grow out of it.

Laura Kinsella
My son does not like any dairy food, can you suggest foods that can give him some calcium ?
Bridget Wing Green veg, seaweed (includes spirulina), sardines, almonds (grind and soak for best absorption), tahini (sesame seeds), turnips (small white ones)
Laura Kinsella That’s great thanks a mill. Would you have any suggestions for lunch boxes seeing as yoghurts and cheese are out ?

Finnuala Russell Wood
How good/bad is nutella for the kids it is the only thing they will eat in there sandwichs and i was under the impression that its not so bad??
Bridget Wing Sorry but it’s not good – ok for occasional treat on something wholesome but it’s mainly sugar and saturated fat. If you never take them shopping then tell the kids that the nutella factory has closed.
Bridget Wing not sure my answer posted there so i’ll do it again. Sorry but nutella is not good. Saturated fat and sugar. OK for occasional treat or something wholesome or just go cold turkey and tell the kids the nutella factory closed down.
Aideen Ní Chéilleachair pea nut butter any better?

Sharon Mitchell Mullins
My 3.5 year old went off savoury food at 6-7 months due to teething.. She has developed into a very fussy eater with sweet cravings. I have brought her to nutritionists, put her on homeopthy remedies , bribed her, put her to bed with no dinner.. All to no avail. What should I do next? She has never eaten a proper dinner but grazes all day on cereal, cheese, yoghurts, fruit and toast!!!
Bridget Wing This would need more than a quick answer so I’d gladly talk to you outside of this session if you like.
Maria McKevitt I have just started having the same problem, my daughter just turned 7 months and has just stopped eating anything savoury. Although she does eat fruit, petit filous, bread and rusks/ligas
Mykidstime Hi Sharon, Bridget is going to answer you offline as she has some tips but too many to post here! Can you drop us an email to [email protected] so we can pass your email onto her?

Annemarie Hughes
Hi, just checking is Dawn smooth and juicy drink bad for kids?
Bridget Wing Never use it. Sugar and additives. A little is probably ok but not as a regular drink
Annemarie Hughes thank you

Karin Janssen
Lately, I hear a lot about how bad artificial sweeteners are. I ‘d rather give the kids a small portion of food/ drink containing sugar than anything containing artificial sweeteners. What is your opinion on this?
Aideen Ní Chéilleachair I’d be with you on that one Karin!
Bridget Wing Artificial sweeteners have been clinically proven to be damaging to our cells – some are carcinogenic, some cause physical and emotional side effects so best avoided. A little sugar is definitely better but keep an eye on daily totals
Aideen Ní Chéilleachair great to hear we’re not wrong on that one! thanks!
Tracey Doherty Great question Karin
Karin Janssen Thanks Bridget, and the other ladies, I am glad I am not the only one who thinks that way!

Tracey Doherty
Hi, My boys have very big appetites, for example when they were in the creche during easter hols they ended up having 5 creche size dinners and i cannot keep fruit in the house. Now they are very active and have no weight on them at all. So my question is, can you ever feed your children too much?
Bridget Wing Difficult question actually. If the boys are really active then no problem but make sure the food is healthy with lots of veg and wholgrains and quality protein. Not biscuits and toast and pasta etc because if the activity stops and the eating habit is set then they will pile on weight when older. Also – have you considered worming them?
Helen Gaffney Have heard pros and cons of worming children why do you recommend it ?
Tracey Doherty Dont think it is worms as they have always had great appetites since they were born and the eldest is now almost 8. They do have a healthy dietloads of veg and wholegrains, treats are just that treats and very occasional.

Trish Murphy
My 3.5 year old drinks soya milk and has been doing so since 6 months old … is he getting enough calcium and iron from it? is ordinary milk better? thanks
Bridget Wing Soya milk is not nutritious enough to grow kids – goats or organic cow milk really is better. Raw milk is best if you can get it.
Trish Murphy thank you ..

Jennifer Buttner
Just wondering how much water a child should be drinking – have a 5 yr old. Tend to hear alot about adult recommended consumption. Thanks
Aideen Ní Chéilleachair I’m not sure how much they need but it’s been shown to affect concentration in school….even slight dehydration affects learning!!

Aideen Ní Chéilleachair
hi! we try to eat mostly organic food…is paying above the odds on everything madness or are there certin foods that ‘organic’ makes more of a difference to?
Bridget Wing Yes it can be so pricey and the base products that are essential are fats (oils, nuts, seeds, butter if poss) as fat cells hold toxins/chemicals then it’s the sweet fruits and sugars as lots of insecticides are used in the growing process as insects love sugar. Chicken too. And beef.
Aideen Ní Chéilleachair would you say there are products that there are no benefits to selecting the organic ones?


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