Mykidstime Carambola Lunch Box Survey


We asked Mykidstime Parents to answer our Carambola Lunchbox Survey on kids lunchboxes and how long they preparing their kids' lunches and what they spend.  Here are the results:


How many child(ren)'s lunches do you make on weekdays?    

1          30%

2          36%

3          14%

4+       19%

We don't make lunches for our child  1%                           

How long does it take to make the lunches every day?                       

10-15mins       74%     

15-20mins       25%     

20-30mins       2%       

30mins+          1%            

How much do you spend on your child(ren)'s lunches each week?     

€10 or less      20%     

€10-€15          51%     

€15-€20          19%     

€20+              10%                    

Do you ever have waste, i.e. stale bread, curling ham, etc?  

 No       24%

 Yes      76%

Do you ever run out of stuff and have to make emergency run to the convenience store?     

 No       31%

 Yes      69%

Carambola deliver healthy school lunches to schools in Ireland. Prices start at just €7.50 per week per child.

How much do you spend in terms of time and money on your child(ren)'s lunches?  Tell us in the comments below.

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