Nov/Dec 09 Christmas Recipes

Happy Christmas Mykidstime parents,

So the end of another year, I don’t think many of us will forget this one too easily! 2009 has been a challenging year for most of us in one way or the other and we all find ourselves a bit jaded as December rolls around.  I’m trying to focus on the positive aspects of the past year and for me that has been the learning of new skills.   Back in March I planted a raised bed for the first time, which yielded lots of lettuce, courgettes, peas and herbs.  I also had a bumper crop of tomatoes, although last year I only got fifteen from my 3 plants so anything would’ve been an improvement.

I’ve been teaching my-self to sew since August which I’m really enjoying  and as a result I’m making all my Christmas presents .  Finally there are all the meals I have cooked, the disasters and the successes all teaching me something new.  I’ve had to bring my children with me on this journey towards new skills and this has probably been the most positive part of it all, the 5 year old got heavily involved in the gardening and the 10 year old is helping to design her own clothes.  From this perspective the past year doesn’t appear too bad.

I’m repeating the recipes that I gave last Christmas as we have so many new subscribers and they are all incredibly useful.  You’ll find recipes for mulled wine and mince pies and those of you pulling your hair out trying to figure out Christmas dinner should be pleased with the interesting vegetables recipes, which will be handy to have any time of year.  I’d advise trying out a couple of them before the big day just to take the pressure off.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and thank you for reading my newsletter all year.  I’ll be back in January with some great budget recipes.


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