Recipes – St Patrick's Day – February 2011


Recipes – St Patrick's Day

In the run-up to St Patrick’s Day, there is much to celebrate about Ireland, including our top-quality food. Not only are more and more people aware of the importance of buying Irish, but there is a growing recognition that we have top-class agriculture and artisans here. Even humble, traditional foods like soda bread, Irish stew and apple tarts are renowned, and simple things like a sliced pan, Irish butter or Barry’s tea are among the things Irish expats living abroad will tell you they miss.

Grass-fed beef commands premium prices in the US compared to their intensively reared feedlot cousins., but far from being a high-end specialty, grass-fed is just the way beef is in Ireland. If you want to cook something special to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, this beef and Guinness stew is just the thing. But don’t limit yourself to only serving this stew on Paddy’s Day – it’s delicious any day of the year.

The bite and crunch of scallions in Irish champ (brúitín) is the perfect accompaniment to the rich stew. Or you could try making colcannon with kale or cabbage instead, another traditional Irish potato dish and first cousin to champ

For better or worse, when people think of Ireland, they also think of Guinness, which is put to an altogether different use in this chocolate Guinness cake. The beer isn’t a prominent flavour here, but it helps to keep the cake incredibly moist. What could be a more fitting St Patrick’s Day dessert than a cake that not only incorporates Ireland’s signature stout, but when iced even resembles the famously frothy head on top of the pint?

Food is an intrinsic part of every culture, and Ireland is no exception. We hope you have a chance to celebrate Ireland’s great food on our best-known holiday.

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