Results of our Annual Cooking with Kids Survey

Kids cooking

We asked Mykidstime Parents to tell us what they think about cooking with their child(ren) in our 2nd Annual Cooking with Kids Survey. Find out what they liked and didn’t like about cooking with kids…

Kids cooking



How often do you cook with your child?

Once a week at least 72%
Once a month 20%
Every day 8%

What kinds of things do you cook together?

Baking 92%
Family meals 63%
Snacks 33%
Drinks e.g. smoothies 20%

What sorts of things do you get your child to do?

Stirring and mixing 87%
Cracking eggs 61%
measuring ingredients 56%
Everything I do 34%

What do you like about cooking with your child?

“It gives us quality time at the weekend which is hard to get during the week with school etc”
“My daughter loves to cook and its fantastic to see her learn and enjoy it.”
“Great fun activity to do together but also I like to teach them about food, healthy eating etc”
“They will eat most of the food if they are involved in the cooking ..they love if I use cherry tomatoes etc and use them as eyes”

What do you not like about cooking with your child?

“We might say the mess but that’s what water & wash cloths are for!”
“The mess! But it’s worth it for the fun we have.”
“Some of them want to do every step which is fine individually or in pairs but more difficult as a bigger group.”

Any other comments?

“Children should learn more about cooking in school”
“I think giving kids the skills to produce a good meal is a very important.”
“It’s a great way to introduce new food and ideas to them”

What’s your experience of cooking with your child? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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