Results of our Cooking With Kids Survey


We asked Mykidstime parents to tell us all about cooking with their child(ren).  Here are the results of our Cooking With Kids Survey:

How often do you cook with your child(ren)?

7% Every day   
36% Once a month   
58% Once a week at least   

What kinds of things do you cook together?

33% Drinks     
87% Baking    
44% Snacks    
51% Family meals

What sorts of things do you get your child to do?

70% Cracking eggs
59% Measuring ingredients    
88% Stirring and mixing    
32% Everything I do

What do you like about cooking with your child(ren)?

"Teaching them new things so fingers crossed when they go to college they wont have to survive on beans and toast! "

"Having fun and spending time together"

"Seeing the excitement on my son's face when he cooks something"

"It's giving them skills for life with tasty results!"

"Gives them an understanding of what they are eating and how it is put together."

"The joy they have learning new things and experimenting with food, and how proud they are of the results"

"The wonder & excitement of creating something to eat/drink, the satisfied glow on their proud faces. "

Is there anything you don't like about cooking with your child(ren)?

"The mess"

"Nothing at all, love it all"

"Cleaning up"

"Takes longer"

"Fighting over who will lick the bowl / spoon"

"The more kids you cook with the harder it is to organise, have to give them specific tasks"

"I worry about hygiene"

"Having to eat all myself!"

"Egg shells in the cake 🙂 "

Any other thoughts?

"I think that kids really enjoy helping and love eating their own food which also gets them to eat all types of food"

"My son is 11 now and it won't be long till he's off to secondary school and be a teenager so it's nice to spend time with him"

"Need for a child friendly measuring scale"

"They are only young once and doing things like this will make my older years full of nice memories"

"It's also a great skill to teach them as Mammys won't be around forever."

"Have learned never to underestimate a child's palate"

"Looking forward to having a meal handed to me some day!!!"

What are your thoughts on cooking with your child(ren)?  Share them with us in the comments below.

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