Rick Stein's Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast

Rick Stein’s Coast to Coast “Food from the land & sea inspired by travels across the world” would be a nice addition to your cookbook collection.  Structured around 7 areas of the world:

  • Britain & Ireland
  • Western Europe
  • Mediterranean & Middle East
  • India
  • Far East
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • The Americas

and contains a varied collection of dishes with great photographs of ingredients and dishes. 

At first I was a little surprised to see the meat dishes in it, I always associate Rick Stein with seafood and fish cookery but of course his TV programmes are not exclusively so.  I can almost hear him speaking when I read the intro to some of his recipes, e.g. for the Pea and Ham Soup with Bacon Butties recipe where he writes “I mean, who really wants soup with chips”.

Although he sometimes uses unusual ingredients e.g. Cornish Yarg cheese in his Haddock and Cornish Yarg pie, he always offers an alternative (mild cheddar in that case!).

Standout recipes (hard to choose!) are:

Smoked Haddock and Leek Tart

Lulu’s Roast Chicken with ginger, pasta, tomatoes and the roasting juices

Seared escalopes of wild salmon with a warm olive oil, basil and caramlised vinegar dressing

There’s also a good Basic recipes section at the back along with preparation techniques e.g. for butterflied lamb or mussels and some specialist ingredients suppliers (mostly UK based though)

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