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Italian food, especially pasta, is a safe bet at mealtime, even with the most finicky kids. But why not break out of the pasta rut and consider what else Mediterranean cuisine has to offer? From Turkey to Spain, each region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea has its own distinct and dynamic flavours. Abundant fresh produce and olive oil are common among the cuisines, so it’s no surprise that a traditional Mediterranean diet has been linked to lowering your risk of heart disease and preventing other health problems.

Even if it wasn’t so healthy, we’d be cooking Mediterranean food because it tastes great. Your kids will never guess there are a couple kilos of vegetables in our oven-roasted ratatouille. With or without sausages, it’s a no-fuss meal that can be endlessly adapted depending on what vegetables you have on hand. Don’t be too concerned with chopping the vegetables, just aim to get them all about the same size so that everything cooks evenly. You can also puree a portion of the ratatouille and serve it to as a sauce with pasta. It’s an easy (and invisible) way to make sure you and your kids get a good dose of vegetables.

Turkey meatballs with walnuts, cilantro and raisins can be made ahead. To serve, simply mix together the yoghurt sauce, sauté the meatballs and pour boiling water or stock over some couscous. Though you can halve the recipe, you probably won’t want to, since the meatballs are fantastic leftovers for lunch the next day. Our Mediterranean pepper salad also holds up well when made in advance, perfect for throwing together while the kids nap.

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