Valentine’s Donuts are the Sweetest Gift You’ll Ever Get!


Give your love a loveheart – Krispy Kreme’s new Valentine’s Donuts are the sweetest gift you could ever give (or get) this year! 

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It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and who needs flowers and chocolates when we could be having these beauties? Krispy Kreme’s Valentine’s donuts take sweet treats to a whole new level!


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Valentine’s Donuts for the Win!

Krispy Kreme Valentine's donuts - Mykidstime

Krispy Kreme’s new Valentine’s donuts are the classic loveheart theme we all know and love, making them perfect for giving to your sweetheart.

The limited edition iced donuts (available until Feb 14th) come in pastel pink, green, lavender and lemon shades and are topped with phrases like ‘Be Mine’, ‘Pick Me’, ‘DM Me’, ‘All the Feels’ and ‘Crazy 4 U’.

I’ve debated long and hard about this, and I think my choice would have to be the raspberry-filled… but there’s also Cake Batter, Strawberries & Kreme, and Chocolate Kreme fillings to choose from. Swoon!

While it sadly doesn’t look like Dublin’s newly opened Krispy Kreme store will be carrying these donuts, keep an eye out for more Valentine’s treats available in the UK stores.

The returning Smiley Heart is filled with Strawberries and Kreme, the Nutty Chocolate Heart is stuffed with Nutella and – heaven help us! – the  Raspberry Romance Heart is a grown up treat of raspberry and chocolate truffle.

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Krispy Kreme Valentine's donuts - Mykidstime

If you can’t get your hands on these Valentine’s donuts, don’t worry. We have some delicious homemade choices for you – start with these Valentine’s cookie recipes, they’re utterly swoon-worthy! Kids will enjoy helping in the kitchen with some heart-shaped jam tarts or skip the sugar for these fruity Valentine’s treats.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Would Valentine’s donuts win your heart this Valentine’s day? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Krispy Kreme Valentine's donuts - Mykidstime

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