Why Obeo is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


There’s always a mountain of vegetable peelings and food scraps that build up when you are preparing meals for your family and cleaning up after meals. You know it’s important to recycle these food scraps, but food waste recycling can be pretty messy and sometimes a lot of effort. Find out why Obeo is the best thing since sliced bread for your kitchen!

What is Obeo?

Misc Kate and LizWe’ve all been there, teabag on spoon, or scraping plates, or trying to grab a pile of carrot peelings to dispose of them. Then there’s dealing with dripping waste bags and goopy leftovers. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something simple that could help? Good news, there is!

This is why Kate Cronin and Liz Fingleton joined forces and dreamed up a compostable little box that could sit on the kitchen counter and be thrown straight into the brown bin when full.

They called this invention Obeo (‘beo’ taken from the Irish for life and ‘o’ representing the life cycle of food waste). The Obeo food waste box is the cleanest, easiest, niftiest way to deal with food waste. Not to mention your best buddy for food preparation.

And you could win a 6 month supply of Obeo food waste boxes!

How does it work?

The Obeo food waste box is so easy to use;

  • Just fill it up over a few days, then throw it in the brown bin when full and simply start over with a fresh one.
  • It’s water-resistant so it can cope with any wet or gloopy food waste you throw in it (wave bye bye to bin juice).
  • It’s super-strong and will hold up to 2kg of food waste.
  • It looks great in the kitchen, is easy to close (even with one hand) and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

So what makes Obeo so good?

Well, using a caddy or bioplastic bag to collect vegetable peelings, leftovers and food scraps can quickly become a messy, sloppy job. No one wants a smelly, dirty kitchen and no one likes washing out filthy food waste caddies or having to open a stinking brown bin. Obeo is the clean, mess-free way to deal with food waste.

Where can I get Obeo?

To get the best value buy Obeo online at www.WeAreObeo.com. Their subscription bundle offers a free, no obligation 2 week trial (yep they are that confident that you’ll love it). The Obeo food waste box is also on sale for €3.85 for a pack of 5 in Supervalu and Dunnes Stores nationwide.

Describe Obeo in 3 words

Clean, convenient recycling!

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