10 Top Christmas Toys Reviewed by Kids (and Parents)

Caroline Kelly

October 24, 2016

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It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it! We got our mitts on 10 top toys that are out for Christmas 2016 and asked some families to try them out for you. Here are 10 Top Christmas Toys Reviewed by Kids (and Parents):

#1. Disney Frozen Musical Lights Elsa

With the Musical Lights Elsa doll, girls can sing along to her inspirational, iconic song from the movie, Disney’s Frozen, and see enchanting and sparkling lights! Your little dreamer can push the doll’s torso to hear her sing “Let It Go” as her dress lights up and sparkles.

RRP €46.99 Ages: 3 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought: 

I love how the snowflakes on her dress light up when she is singing.

What our parent thought: 

This was a huge hit with my 5 year old! Looks very like Elsa, lovely detailing on her dress and a great size for little hands to play with. Be warned, she sings the same two lines form “Let it GO” every time you press her belly.

#2. My Little Pony Explore Equestria Friendship Express

mlp_friendship_express_outbox Get ready for friendship adventures with imaginative playsets and colorful pony friends. Play out train stories with this My Little Pony Friendship Express Train, Princess Twilight Sparkle figure, and fun travel accessories! There are rolling wheels on all 3 cars – an engine car, train car, and caboose.

RRP €29.99 Ages: 3 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought:

It’s great for bringing the ponies all around

What our parent thought:

The My Little Pony Friendship Express Train comes with Princess Twilight who has some symbols on her leg that you can scan. So when you download the My Little Pony Celebration app and scan the images you get to explore and play in your pony’s world. This gives the toy a modern twist.
The train itself is very sturdy and my nieces, 2, 4 & 6 had hours of fun playing with it. They already had some My Little Pony toys and enjoyed bringing them on journeys too. All in all a great success.

#3. Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle

Make Play-Doh soft-serve swirls in a variety of shapes and styles with the ice cream presser and interchangeable discs. Decorate with all kinds of toppings like wacky whipped cream, silly sprinkles, and crazy candies. Add even more bursts of color with the included Play-Doh confetti compound!

RRP: €29.99 Ages: 3 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought: 

Its really good because you can pretend you own an icecream shop and give every customer their own special icecream.

What our parent thought: 

This includes loads of different and easy to use tools to let kids get really creative when making “ice-cream”.  Children can interchange the nozzles to create different effects on the cones , make and add sprinkles, as well as choose from a huge number of moulds to make little stars, bows, fruit or other adornments to add to their creation. Hours of fun. Comes with six mini pots of Play Doh.

#4. DreamWorks Trolls Hug Time Poppy

Just in time for hugs! DreamWorks Trolls Poppy is a loveable, colourful princess who always takes a break for Hug Time, no matter where her adventures take her. Inspired by the DreamWorks Trolls movie, Hug Time Poppy stands 14 inches tall and speaks 25 phrases when you press her tummy. She even plays songs from the film because with a song in your heart, you can do anything! Rock her back and forth so that it looks like she’s dancing to the beat. Kids can wear a light up bracelet just like the doll’s — when activated, their matching bracelets and the doll’s hair all light up to the beat of the music. Give her a hug and join the fun!

RRP: €67.99 Ages: 4 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought: 

I love when her hair lights up and when she sings

What our parent thought: 

The Trolls Hug Time Poppy doll is sure to be popular for Christmas 2016 with the release of the new Dreamworks Trolls Movie. My 4 year old neice was the lucky recipient of Trolls Hug Time Poppy and she absolutely loved her especially when she sang her song. She wouldn’t take off the interactive bracelet, which Poppy is wearing too, and kept rocking the doll to get her to sing and make her pink hair light up!

It was good that 3 batteries were included, beyond the demo batteries so there will be no emptying of remote controls on Christmas morning to hear Poppy sing and talk.

All in all I think this doll offers good value for money and will make many children happy this Christmas.

#5. FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

From deep inside an enchanted forest, tucked away in a colourful crystal cave, is a mischievous baby that has come to find his new best friend.

Torch is full of fun and surprises! Press his charm and he can breathe flame-coloured mist. Feed him his colour-change treat! He responds to touch with 50+ sound and motion combinations, too! There’s lots of fun that can happen when playing with this fun, furry pal.

RRP: €114.99  Ages: 4 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought:

I love him because he is so soft and it’s like he knows what I am saying to him. I love the way he moves and his fire!

What our parent thought:

This guy is super cute and will steal the hearts of kids everywhere! My 6 year old just loved him – he goes to bed with her, I have to turn him off when she falls asleep! He has over 50 sounds and motions which makes him super responsive in what look like new ways all the time. His ‘fire’ cool mist is great and they loved the colour changing marshmallow, although the novelty of that wore off quickly. He requires four 1.5v C batteries to run, so I hope they don’t wear out quickly! A little adult help will be needed to put the water into his tank initially and when it runs out it’s a little fiddly. Overall for hugs and playing Torch is great – he is now a fully fledged member of the gang in our house!

#6. Transformers: Robots in Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime and Aerobolt

Hit the Decepticons with a super-charged attack with Power Surge Optimus Prime! The 11-inch tall figure comes with a Mini-Con Weaponizers Aerobolt figure and battles in 4 modes. It features pop-out cannons and wings, lights, phrases, and sounds – activated by attaching the included Aerobolt Mini-Con Weaponizers figure. Attach different Mini-Con Weaponizers figures (each sold separately) to activate different sounds.

RRP: €65.99  Ages: 5 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought:

Cool, Optimus is the best one, he is the boss – and he is sooo big. He can fly and talk and he has lights, when can we get the big Bumblebee?

What our parent thought:

We are big Transformers fans in our house, even the grown ups remember the first time round! My kids (6 & 4) loved Power Surge Optimus Prime. He is quite large and they had the transformation done before I had a chance to figure it out! So for them it’s easy to use. The mini con, Aerobolt just clicks into his chest and that activates ‘flight mode’ which gives him wings, a mask and some different sounds. I somehow feel he is just the first of our Transformer army to arrive!! All in all for a Transformers fan it’s a sure thing.

#7. Marvel Captain America: Civil War Blaster Reveal Shield

Captain America fights for battle victory with superhuman strength, agility, and an indestructible shield! He’s America’s first Super Soldier, fighting fearlessly on the side of justice. Kids can imagine what it’s like to battle like Captain America with this Blaster Reveal Shield, which includes 2 launching projectiles! Just push down the star button to watch the shield open, revealing a hidden blaster designed to take enemies down! Heroes-in-training can also use the shield as protection, and when they reveal the blaster, they’ll have the ultimate weapon!

RRP: €37.99 Ages: 6 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought:

I love that when you’re playing with it people think it’s only a shield but it’s a gun too.

What our parent thought:

This is a great toy for active boys. My 8 year old loved it and played with it with his friends. It is a shield with a retracting and opening area that contains a blaster where you can shoot two darts – one at a time.

#8. Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

nerf_hyperfire_outbox_web Take aim with the HyperFire blaster and challenge opponents with ultimate speed! It’s the fastest motorized Nerf dart blaster, unleashing 5 darts per second to rain down a deluge of darts onto targets!

With its 25-dart drum, this Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster brings impressive firepower to the battle. It fires darts up 90 feet (27 meters). Press the acceleration button, pull the trigger, and let the rapid-fire action begin! Comes with 25 Elite darts.

RRP: €69.99 Ages: 8 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought:

This NERF gun is awesome! This is the first motorised NERF gun I have tried and I love how you can have 25 bullets loaded in the drum ready to fire. And they fire really quick too – about 5 darts a second. It took me a while to get use to having to rev the belt and fire at the same time, but once I got the hang of it, my friends didn’t stand a chance!

What our parent thought:

This is the first semi-automatic NERF we have tried in our house, and I liked that even though it fires at a rapid rate, the bullets don’t hurt too much. I think the requirement of 4 x D batteries in the rear might make the Hyperfire Blaster a little heavy for younger kids, but my 10 year old managed fine.

We found it tricky to get the rev’ing and firing technique going initially, but it comes with practice – I like that you can still use it to fire singly or as fast as 5 bullets/second. The drum is super-easy to click release, takes 25 bullets, and is compatible with all other NERF bullet types. We did find that the bullets ended up everywhere though!

Personally I think the rev mechanism a bit noisy so not great for stealth battles, but the kids don’t seem to notice or mind that!

If your child likes NERF guns then they will love this Blaster.

#9. Simon Air


Get ready to Swoop, Swerve, and Hover! Now with touch-free technology, The Simon Air game is a different take on the popular Simon game. Players can choose to play solo or with a friend. Either way, the goal of the game is to repeat the light pattern for a long as possible

RRP: €34.99 Ages: 8 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought:

Love this toy! It’s great fun, a bit hard to get some moves right but we had lots of practice and now it’s brilliant!

What our parent thought: 

I remember Simon from my childhood, my brother got it one Christmas and we played it non stop for months afterwards. The new Simon Air has some of the classic moves from my youth but is now contactless, so you just hovering your hand over the colours to guess the sequence. It comes with 3 play modes so that you can play on your own, with a friend or play classic simon.
The kids found it a bit more difficult to master the swerve move where you are following a sequence of up to 3 lights at the same time. They are 10 and 12. However, once mastered they have had hours of fun playing.

#10. Monopoly Ultimate Banking

monopoly_ultimate_banking___box_webChallenge friends and family and play the Monopoly Ultimate Banking game! This game presents a modern banking version of the Monopoly game in which Monopoly money is no more! Featuring an Ultimate Banking unit with touch technology, players can instantly buy properties, set rent, and tap their way to fortune.

SRP: €39.99 Ages: 8 years and up

What our kid reviewer thought:

I liked the ATM scanner where you scanned your card and then the property card, it made it fun

What our parent thought:

It took a while to get used to not having any cash (part of the fun of the old Monopoly game in my opinion) but once I got the hang of it the ATM scanner did make it fun.
Each player has their own card. If you want to buy a property you’ve landed on, you just need to scan your credit card then the property card and the price is automatically deducted from your available funds. Same with rent then you just “pay” the other person by scanning cards.




Disclaimer: our Mykidstime Parent Toy Reviewers did not receive any payment for these reviews, but did receive toys from Hasbro to try out and give honest feedback.

Over to you now. Does your child have any of these toys? Tell us what they (and you!) think in the comments below.

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