100 Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas gift ideas for teacher

1. Salubria The Health Game

Teachers love a new game for their classroom, and Salubria™The Health Game is perfect for team based games in the classroom. A competitive, stimulating and educational game where fascinating facts come to life, this game educates children about the importance of healthy living and reminds adults to build on good habits and ditch the bad ones. For ages 10+ yrs.

2. Some home baking

Give a really sweet last day’s coffee break by helping your child bake some scrumptious cup cakes. For that extra special touch how about adding the teacher’s name and a thank you, it won’t cost much but it will go down a treat! We have lots of great recipe ideas.

3. Espresso Candle

This Espresso Candle, handmade from soy wax, comes in an espresso cup on a saucer, and would make a lovely present for teacher. Coffee scented and decorated with coffee beans to give the impression of real coffee.

4. Home-made gifts.

Most teachers are delighted to receive a home made card or drawing or something they have made themselves. Encourage your child to take their time to make it as special as they can and to write a thank you message to their teacher.

5. Offer Your Time

Why not offer to come in and share your expertise or talent with the class for the next school term? Teachers are always appreciative when parents can use their skills to help educate their pupils. You don’t have to be an artist or a computer whizz. Offer to come in and sit with kids during their reading hour or help with maths or start a chess club. (NB You do need to be garda-vetted so making this offer now will allow some time to arrange that and for the teacher to think through the schedule for the new term).

6. A plant

Unlike a bunch of flowers which will only last a few days at the most, winter flowering plants are nice gifts that the teacher can continue to enjoy after school is out and maybe even plant out in their garden.

7. Something book-ish

A well chosen selection of books for the class library will be much appreciated for next term. You don’t have to spend very much: a bundle of second-hand books tied up with a big bow is a thoughtful gift. Or what about a book token for them to enjoy some non-classroom reading over the Christmas holidays?

9. Club together for a gift

It’s tricky to be able to find reasonable presents at a reasonable cost. So why not club together with a few other parents. With everyone putting a few euros in, you’ll have enough to buy a larger gift together.
“A few of us are putting in a fiver each and getting a voucher for the local shopping centre. She can choose what she wants to buy”

9. “Best Teacher” Personalised Notebook

Teachers have to keep a lot of notes, so why not show your appreciation at the end of the term in the form of this blackboard-style Personalised Notebook. This teacher notebook can be personalised with any name in white chalk effect on the front cover and a message to the inside message page.

10. Charity Gifts

At Christmas time, charity gifts can be popular, for example Oxfam / Trocaire / Unicef / World Vision Ireland gifts.
“The money I would have spent on a present for the teacher I used to buy gifts for the 2FM toy appeal”

Have you any more ideas for presents ? Please let us know in the comments below.

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