15 Incredibly Useful Parenting Hacks for the Car


#11. Use a Rubber Band as a Phone Holder

Use a rubber band to hold your phone by threading it through your air conditioning vent

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#12. Put Dice in a Plastic Box

You can play board games on the journey and keep your dice safe by putting them in a small tupperware box.


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#13. Take a Screenshot of Directions

Take a screenshot of directions and the route while you still have wifi access.

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#14. Protector for Seat Belt Buckle



#15. Fill water bottles and freeze overnight

Fill some empty water bottles and freeze the night before your journey. Make sure you leave 1/4 of the bottle empty as the ice will expand. The ice will slowly melt as you travel keeping your water cool.


Do you have any good car hacks or tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

15 Inredibly Useful Parenting Hacks for the Car Pin

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