20 Ideas For Christmas Presents For Dad (Or The Other Men In Your Family)

christmas presents for dads

Are you stuck for ideas for Christmas presents for Dad, Grandad, Uncle, Nephew and Brother? Fed up buying ties and socks? We asked Mykidstime parents to recommend their best ideas for things to give to the men in our lives. Here are 20 ideas for christmas presents for Dad (or the other Men in your Family) as suggested by Mykidstime Parents.

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For some reason buying for Dad and other male relatives can be tricky. There are definitely loads more gift options for women whether it be jewellery, fashion, makeup, scented candles, we can all come up with lots of ideas for the females in our lives. But if you’re stuck for ideas for Christmas presents for Dad, we’ve got some ideas to inspire you!


20 Ideas for Christmas Presents For Dad

#1. A Pizza Stone and Italian Cookbook

neapolitan pizza recipe

Unleash the inner Italian in Dad with the gift of a pizza stone and Italian cookbook.

It’s also a great excuse for Dad to involve the kids in making pizzas, children love rolling out the dough and putting the toppings on.

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#2. Cookery Lessons or Apron

Cooking Together

There are lots of cookery schools that offer regular cookery lessons, which would perfect for the man who enjoys cooking.

Or you could give them a cool apron. Check out this lovely apron from Rachel Dubber Designs which also helps supports donkey rescues.

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#3. Sporty Gear or Tickets

sports gear dad running

If they enjoy sport what about either buying some new sports gear or a Fitbit or Garmin?

Tickets to a match, a season ticket or golf club membership are all great ideas too.

Or how about some tickets to dog, horse racing or motor racing for a change?

#4. The Much Coveted “Christmas Jumper”!

M&S singing penguin jumpers festive gifts for under €20

Every year, they seem to make a come back so why not join the come back and gift the man in your life with a Christmas jumper. (Just don’t be surprised if it is not worn after Dec 25th!).

The one pictured is available on M&S Ireland.

#5. A Voucher for the Barbers

Try your local barber’s for a voucher to treat themselves to a hot shave. This makes a great Christmas present for Dad or teen brothers or uncles or boyfriends…..

#6. “A Present for My Dad” Book

a present for my dad

How cute is this?! “A Present for My Dad” is a gift book that’s given from a child to an adult. It tells the story of the journey the child makes while deciding on a present for their Dad. In the end they decide to get Dad a pair of colourful socks instead.

Each book is wrapped, has a gift tag, is a children’s story and comes with a gorgeous pair of socks. They also have Grandpa, Brother and Uncle versions.

#6. A Petrol or Diesel Voucher

petrol voucher

Not very exciting we know, but this is sure to go down well as both petrol and diesel prices seem to be always on the rise.

Or what about a full valet service for the car for a complete “makeover” for their set of wheels?

Or if funds are short, you could always roll your sleeves up….

#7. A Kindle

A Kindle or an e-reader makes a great Christmas present for Dad. And if you are lucky he may let you use it too! Kindles available from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

Or if they already have a Kindle, what about a voucher for some guilt-free book buying or a new cover? Or a cool e-reader case holder. 

#8. Subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime

A pressie that will last the entire year around! They’ll have movies and tv programmes at their fingertips with a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

#9. Funky Gadgets

gadgets for men

Why not buy Dad a cool new gadget. How about a Tactical Pen with Flashlight, Bottle Opener, Window Breaker? Or a Toilet Bowl Night Light Gadget? (Who wouldn’t want one of those!)

For plenty of inspiration for gadgetry, head to Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

#10. Funky Clothes

Ok so you got him the Christmas jumper but that has a limited shelf life so how about splashing out on the latest fashion for him? Most men, in my experience, hate shopping but they do like to look good, so a voucher or a personal shopper experience could go down well.

#11. A Shaving Kit

shaving kit

More and more men are realising the benefits of traditional wet shaving. Why not pick up a cool shaving kit with shaving bowl, soothing aftershave cream, and a handmade bristle brush. It’s a lovely retro present.

#12. Music or Singing Lessons

Singing opera in the shower? Plucking a few guitar strings at parties? Why not book them into a few music or singing lessons to improve their voice or musical skills? Last year, we gave Dad some guitar lessons, something which he had always wanted to learn, and it’s great to hear him strumming away with confidence.

#13. Wine or Beer Hamper

Create a special wine or beer hamper (over 18s) with a selection of their favourite ales or wines.  You could get the kids to help decorate the box or basket to make it look extra Christmassy!

#14. Winter Cycling Gloves

Christmas Presents for DadIf Dad likes to cycle, then a pair of winter cycling gloves is a handy present. Many come with silicon finger end grips and are water repellent.

#15. Foodie Feast

For the dads, grandads, uncles, brothers who are foodies, make up a hamper with nice cheeses, meat, biscuits, pickles & relishes etc.

#16. Art & Craft Fun

For younger nephews how about a hamper full of craft supplies to help amuse them on rainy days? E.g. coloured paper, plain paper, glue, glitter (even boys like glitter!), stickers, pens, crayons, poster paints, tracing paper, googly eyes.

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#17. Personalise Some Music

Why not make up a playlist of their favourite music for them that they can download onto their iPod or mp3 player (remember the days of mix tapes!) (or failing that an iTunes voucher!).

#18. Wine Course or Experience

Christmas Presents for Dad Gyroplane FlyingCheck if your local wine merchant runs wine appreciation courses. We bought one last year for Dad and he loved learning more about the wines he likes and trying out new ones.

Or if wine is not his thing, how about a different experience like flying lessons, a balloon ride, laps around a race track or golf lessons!

Both Groupon Ireland and Living Social often have experience offers.

#19. Personalised Poem

Print out a favourite poem of theirs and have your child(ren) put their handprints next to it (dip hands into poster paints) then put it into a frame.

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#20. Reindeer Poop

Finally, we really loved this one from Sabrina who suggested making Reindeer Poop! Watch out for Dad’s smile when he opens this pressie!

Over to you now, any other suggestions for Christmas presents for Dad or the other family fellas? Let us know in the comments below.

christmas presents for dad

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