20 Things Your Child Will Never Do

20 Things Your Child Will Never Do

We asked Mykidstime parents to tell us things that their child will never do, things they remember from their childhood! Here are 20 Things Your Child Will Never Do:


#1. Get up off the sofa to change the channel


cassette tape with pencil#2. Rewind a cassette with a pencil

#3. Make a call from a phone box

#4. Use a typewriter, possibly even a keyboard

#5. Go for drives with 5 in the back seat and no seat belts!

#6. Listen to those annoying dial-up noises, the sound of dial-up Internet:

#7. Record songs from the radio

#8. Write a cheque

#9. Pay the conductor on the bus

#10. Make a mix tape

#11. Buy penny sweets

#12. Have to blow into their computer games/consoles to get them to work

#13. Returning glass bottles to get the deposit

#14. sony walkmanListen to a Walkman

#15. Dial a telephone number on a round dial

#16. Leaf through a 12 volume paper version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica when researching a school project

#17. Post a handwritten letter

#18. Get excited to see a bag of hand-me-downs arriving from cousins

#19. Trek through fields with chocolate spread sandwiches to have a picnic

#20. Creating your Halloween costume from things found around the house

Are there any things you think your child will never do?! Share them with us in the comments below

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