30 Reasons to Know You’re the Mum to a First Communion Child


#11. First Confession looms and your child won’t share their sins, so you begin to panic about what the priest will hear about you and your family.

#12. You become an avid weather watcher to see what the big day will be like. It may be time to break out the Child of Prague!
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#13. You pay way over the odds to get a First Communion cake made, because “everyone else will be having one.”

First Communion Cake

#14. You feel under pressure to book your daughter into the hairdresser for an upstyle, which if you’re lucky, will last just about the length of the ceremony!

#15. You feel under pressure to buy yourself a “nice dress” for the day – what is wrong with all the other lovely dresses you have in your wardrobe?!

#16. All the extended family assume they’re invited to your house for a mega nosh-up and party after the ceremony, without you ever having actually asked them.

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#17. You end up painting, getting the garden done and doing house renovations unnecessarily, BECAUSE everyone will be descending on your house for the aforementioned party! On the plus side the house will look great for the Summer!

#18. At the 11th hour you decide you no longer want a party at home but can’t get a booking anywhere local, even by name dropping or bribery.

Cost of Communion Day

#19. You have booked early and got the venue of your choice but now none of the extended family can tell you whether they will be attending or not and the venue are looking for final numbers.

#20. You actually fork out real money to buy your daughter a pair of white gloves to wear for 30 minutes (if you’re lucky) in April and May when she will barely put on gloves when it’s -5C outside!

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