5 Hot Items on our Mykidstime Store

mykidstime store

It’s been a busy month over at Mykidstime Store with parents snapping up a wide range of goodies from the Store! Here are some of the hot items flying out the door at the moment:

#1. “A Present for My …”

Pooter-Grandma-5Every book that pooter makes is actually a gift for someone else. And a gift must be given, opened, touched and enjoyed.

They are from one person to another and every one of them has a smile that will be remembered long after they are first opened.

This delightful books range from pooter Publishing includes Dad, Mum, Grandma, Grandpa and Teacher and each book has a cute pair of gift socks included.


#2. Lil Davinci Art Cabinet

Li'l Da Vinci Cabinet for Breda Mackle of Birthday Gifts 4 ChildrenAre your child’s drawings piling up? The Mykidstime Team loves the Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet.

The Li’l DaVinci Art Cabinet offers an easy and stylish way to display and store your child’s art.

The A4 frame holds up to 50 sheets and has a latched and hinged glass front door to give easy access to quickly turn your child’s art into a masterpiece.


Ordering two Li’l Davinci Art Cabinets? Enter coupon code LILDAVINCI at checkout for 15% off!

What a cool way to store and display all the works of art your little one brings home from school. The fridge has never been tidier!

#3 Kalle Kryp Baby Knee Pads

baby knee padsKalle Kryp Baby Knee Pads are a new, unique and simple help for a child who is going to crawl or is already crawling. The stretchable and soft pads is pulled over the child knees and can be used both over trousers or when the child is barelegged. With parquet and wooden-floors it is more difficult for children to get a hold with their knees when they want to crawl.

The functional, printed, anti-slip dots on the pad makes the child get a hold on slippery floors. The pads also protects clothes from wear and tear and small knees protects from splinters and hard surfaces.

The product, a pad with a woven Kalle Kryp-figure with printed anti-slip dots/ silicon dots, is made in happy colors that suits both boys and girls. One-size fits all crawling baby-knees.

From €10

#4 Child’s Amber Anklet

amber ankletAmber is a unique and timeless gem. Not only is it known for it’s beauty, it is also well known as a natural remedy to relieve pain such as teething.

This Child’s Amber Anklet has bean shape beads to rest comfortably against the skin. The Anklet is threaded on cotton and knotted between each bead for safety.

All our products are genuine Baltic Amber, which contains a higher level of succinite than any other amber. Also available in a matching necklace. Use under supervision.


#5 Personalised Alphabet Poster

personalised posterA is for Ajay!  Beautiful illustrated Alphabet Chart to teach your child the Alphabet and to spell their name.

Personalise your Alphabet Chart with a child’s name and choose between Pink, Blue or Yellow.

A fun positive way to interact with and educate children.

The poster is printed on the best quality 180gsm photographic paper to provide an unbeatable finish.

Size A2 €9.99 and size A1 €16.99

Visit our Store at www.mykidstimestore.com for lots more fun products for kids and parents.