5 Things That So Happened On Your First Family Holiday Abroad


Family life is full of firsts, and Vodafone want to help you create and remember family firsts this summer. Your first holiday abroad not only bonded the family, as you created lasting memories, but it also gave you the chance to experience plenty of family firsts together. Take a trip down memory lane, and read on for five things that you definitely experienced while on your first foreign family trip.

The first time you traveled abroad with your family was certainly a momentous occasion in your life. The excitement of escaping the rainy Irish summer and being able to show off to your cousin Brigid that you would be spending a week poolside in sunny Majorca, while she had to stay home with Auntie Mary and Uncle Pat was incomparable.

#1 First Plane Journey

The first plane journey you and your family took was a testing time in your lives. Airports are stressful at the best of times, but for first-timers, it can be even more daunting! “Why do they ask you so many questions at the check-in desk?”, “Why do security queues take so long?” “Do I really need all these bars of Toblerone from Duty-Free?” So many questions!

But as your family settled into your new surroundings, you found yourself enjoying your airport experience together, trying to spot which plane was yours from the departures lounge, as you eagerly waited to board. Your first flight was full of squeals of excitement/fear during take off, overpriced cartons of Pringles, craning your necks to look out the window, and of course, that incomparable blast of hot air as you stepped off the plane when you landed at your destination.

#2 Your First Hotel Stay

The hotel was a highlight of your family’s first holiday abroad. This was the first time you all experienced having a pool right on your doorstep, being treated to live entertainment every night and enjoying the comfort of having a two bedroom apartment to call your own for the week. Hotels abroad are full of funny quirks you experience for the first time – things were slightly different away from the Emerald Isle.

You all quickly realised that it was necessary to nominate one unlucky person in the family (usually Dad) to wake up at 7 am each morning to run down to the pool to reserve your sun loungers for the day. You also swiftly concluded that the majority of people who enjoyed the evening hotel karaoke would not be getting a record deal anytime soon!

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#3 First Time Tasting Foreign Food

“Why is the butter white?” these are the cries from every Irish person who has ever experienced eating food abroad for the first time. In Ireland, we are spoilt for choice, with fantastic local produce, and sometimes it’s hard to wrap our heads around white butter and the fact you can’t get soda bread in the local shop. However, experiencing these new and foreign foods were all part of the fun and brought the family closer together!

#4 First Holiday Friends

Holidays were one of the first times you have an opportunity to meet people who weren’t from your local area. Making small talk by the pool could lend itself to a budding friendship. Over the course of the week, you and your new friend were totally inseparable and quickly developed BFF status. More often than not, your new bestie wasn’t Irish, which resulted in eagerly exchanging addresses, and pinky promises to be the best pen pals ever!

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#5 First Holiday Romance

First family holidays and first-holiday romances go hand in hand. Whether it was a crush from afar on the mysterious, Spanish pool boy, or if it was a fully formed whirlwind romance filled with promises of making the long distance work – a first-holiday romance stays with you for life. Your family probably spent the entire holiday eye rolling and slagging your new found grá, but in your head this was it, you had found your soulmate – even if they didn’t have a word of English!

This summer, create more memorable moments with your family just like you did on your first holiday.

Over to you now. Share you family firsts holiday stories with us in the comments box below. 

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