5 Things You Could Never Convince Us Women To Give Up

woman hair straighteners

We’re working with WEEE Ireland to highlight their latest campaign Small Things Matter, which is all about recycling small electrical items when they have reached their end of life. They asked the Mykidstime Team of parents what small appliances matter to us and which ones we would find tough to hand over if asked. So here are 5 things you could never convince us women to give up:

#1. Hair Straightener

hair straightener

Caroline says it would have to be her hair straightener. Never mind a blow dryer, you can always let your hair dry naturally, but a hair straightener is essential in her house for smoothing out her hair and giving her that extra bit of confidence.

#2. Electric Toothbrush


Michelle chose her electric toothbrush. “Having gone electric, I just couldn’t go back.” she says. “It just feels like brushing my teeth is quicker and easier.”

#3. Nutribullet


Jennifer would not part with her much used Nutribullet which she uses to whizz up smoothies and juices, even making breadcrumbs is a cinch with this appliance. And she loves how compact it is and easy to clean too.

#4. Kindle


Denise picked her Kindle for her must-have: “Essential for sidelines of matches, waiting in the car for gymnastics class to be over, hanging around before school collections, I can catch a few pages during the day”.

#5. Smart phone


Jill swears by her iPhone and says it is invaluable for keeping track of emails and messages during work hours, and then browsing social media during down-time.

Did you know that you can recycle your small electrical items for FREE at your local electrical retailer? This includes hairdryers, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, hair straighteners, curling tongs and other small electrical appliances that women use on a daily basis.


Over to you now. Tell us what you simply couldn’t live without in the comments below!

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