5 Tips for Getting Active Indoors

Jill Holtz

September 10, 2012

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We have teamed up with Beko Home Appliances to encourage Mums (and Dads) to get active and you’ll have the chance to win fabulous prizes as we’ll be giving away a Beko appliance every month!  This month we asked parents for ideas for getting active indoors.  Here are 5 of the best suggestions for getting active with your child even if it's lashing outside.

#1. The Sock Challenge

"I do this all the time with my children aged 9, 7 and 3.  I hide socks all over the house up stairs and down stairs. Not pairs but single socks. I give each child a sock each and put on my egg timer which "pings" every two mins.  They must return to me with the pair of socks before the bell sounds.  It's great fun but the presses upstairs do get pulled apart!" Ger from Meath

#2. Animal Walks

"Animal walks….bear walk, duck walk, horse trot, frog jump, a frog with broken legs, the bunny hop, the crab walk, the crazy crab, turtle crawl, seal crawl, the bird, the elephant, the caterpillar to name a few. Assign each child an animal and they must walk the walk from one side of the room to another. Can be timed with races, and can include sounds….great fun!" Aileen from Cork     

#3. Dance-a-thon

"I have a dancing competition with my kids, we play fun songs and see who can do the best dance moves….it's so much fun and the kids love it! They always end up sweating so much I have to pile them all into the bath. (I have 3 children)" Eavan from Clare

#4. Indoor Volleyball

"We love playing indoor volleyball using your feet and balloons!" Katherine from Cork

#5. Set up an Indoor Obstacle Course

"Set up an obstacle course, get the kids to draw up pics of a safe course and then help create something including a mix of activities. Set up old duvets and pillows for a tumbling area. Use sheets and cushions to build tunnels to crawl through. Create a human chain to pass a balloon from one point to another or draw a route on the floor using masking tape and get the kids to follow the line without stepping off the tape." Sharon from Dublin

We hope you have a great time trying out these ideas indoors!

If you have a favourite activity during the school holidays with your kids, share it with us in the comment box below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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