7 Funky Gift Ideas under €20 for the Cool Kid in Your Life


Check out these 7 funky gift ideas under €20 for the cool kid in your life

#1. All Around the World sticker book

all_around_the_world_10661_large_1024x1024-300x300All Around the World is a charmingly illustrated sticker book of a journey of discovery through different environments: ocean, forest, jungle, desert and the Arctic. Each is shown in a giant, fold-out panorama.

Children will love Géraldine Cosneau’s quirky illustrations and the beautifully produced animal characters they have to place in position to bring her landscapes to life.

€12.64 with worldwide delivery.

#2. Set of 5 Lego Soaps (“Monkey Fart” scent!)

Pemberley Bubbles Lego 1 Perfect for the little (or big!) Lego fan in your house.

Funky Lego Soap will encourage hand-washing by making it more fun for little one! “Monkey Fart” scented;) Sweet and fruity, inspired by the diet of monkeys.

5 soaps for only €10 with worldwide delivery available.

#3. 10 Moustache Funky Crayons

Funky Crayons Moustaches 1Burt Reynolds, Clark Gable, Magnum PI, Salvador Dali, Charlie Chaplin, or Super Mario … Whatever your favourite moustache style, you’ll dig these awesome Moustache Crayons from Funky Crayons.

Includes 10 crayons for creating oodles of doodles.

Like all Funky Crayons these are handmade and non-toxic.

€6 with worldwide delivery

#4. Paint Your Own Breakfast Set

Baby Bitz Breakfast SetThis Paint Your Own Breakfast Set contains a small ceramic mug, ceramic bowl, ceramic plate, 10 mini poster paints & 1 brush. 3+ years.

Once painted your Breakfast Set is dishwasher safe.

Paints are non-toxic and lead-free.

€7.99 and worldwide delivery available

#5. English Country Garden Lottie Doll

Spring has sprung and Branksea is full of bright, colourful flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass, the distant hum of bees buzzing and the gentle flitter of butterfliesLottie English 1 across the meadows. English Country Garden Lottie loves to be outside and to enjoy a picnic in the garden, especially with her favourite strawberry fairy cakes.

Lottie is dressed in a pink twill dress edged with fresh green cotton, removable strawberry and flower patches, knee high socks and red Mary Jane shoes.

€19.99 for Lottie Dolls and €8.99 for accessory sets, worldwide delivery available

#6. Before You Sleep from Adam’s Cloud

17147 - BEFORE YOU SLEEP cover-1 (1024x845)Winner of Irish Children’s Book of the year 2009 ‘Before you Sleep’ is an affectionate and wonderfully illustrated children’s bedtime story book filled with warmth, love and adventure and embellishes the importance of love, laughter and play within the family.

Supporting Barretstown children’s charity this, must have, treasure offers parents a unique opportunity to enter the fascinating world of a child and express their love for their child through a series of magical adventures, powerful verse and imaginative illustrations.

€9.99 with worldwide delivery available

#7. Personalised Alphabet Poster

alphabet:Layout 1Beautiful illustrated Personalised Alphabet Chart to teach your child the Alphabet and to spell their name. You can also personalise your Alphabet Chart with a child’s name.

Choose your preferred colour Pink, Blue or Yellow.

A fun positive way to interact with and educate children.

Posters are printed on the best quality 180gsm photographic paper to provide an unbeatable finish.

Size A2 only €9.99 and size A1 only €16.99 with worldwide delivery available.

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