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New Guide to Your Children’s Safe Internet Activity Arrives

A new safe internet guide for parents called "Futureproof Your Kids®" has just been published by author Fiona Lucas. We asked a Mykidstime parent to read it...

Fitness Challenge Day 20

It's the Mykidstime 21 day fitness challenge and we're almost there! Only 1 day to go! Stretch it Out Today’s session focuses on stretching. Remember that stretching really is...
christmas presents for dads

20 Ideas For Christmas Presents For Dad (Or The Other Men In Your Family)

Are you stuck for ideas for Christmas presents for Dad, Grandad, Uncle, Nephew and Brother? Fed up buying ties and socks? We asked Mykidstime parents...
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Delaying Tactics Before Bedtime: Is Your Kid a Bedtime Staller?

Did you know that parents spend nearly 20 minutes every single night negotiating with kids to get them into bed? Bedtime stalls are a...
Pregnant woman for preparing to give birth

14 Essential Ways You Can Prepare to Give Birth

Getting ready to give birth isn't just about picking baby names and packing your hospital bag. As you embark on a rollercoaster to parenthood,...

Learning to Swim – A Skill for Life

Can your children swim? Do you consider swimming an important life skill?  Charlotte Parker of Swim Ireland, tells us why learning to swim is...
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One for the Fridge – 10 Tips for Practical Internet Safety for Kids

We often hear from parents about being concerned about their child's online safety, so we have put together 10 Tips for Practical Internet Safety for Kids....
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Mum of 5 Shares Everything You Need To Know About Parenting

Here I sit, almost ready to pop with my fifth baby in eight years. Yes, I am tired. Yes, I am basically touched out,...