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10 Reasons Why Your Sex Life Disappears After Having Kids

Yes I'm being very honest here in writing this article. The days of quickies are a distant memory, the spontaneity has gone, you're tired...
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How to Survive the First 6 Weeks With A New Baby

You've had your baby, and now you're at home without an instruction manual for this new member of the family! If you're wondering what's...
Practical tips for Dealing With Fussy Eaters - Mykidstime

9 Practical Tips to Help You Improve Meal Times With Fussy Eaters

Are you beyond frustrated with your children at meal times? Honestly, I can hear your silent scream from here! First things first, you are...
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Simple Mindfulness Techniques for the Festive Season

With the hectic Christmas Season almost upon us and with stress levels rising, it’s good to take time out to get perspective and most importantly,...

Fitness Challenge Day 2

We hope yesterday's challenge went well - here's your Day 2 challenge of our 21 Day Fitness Challenge! And don't forget to tell us how you...
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20 Things You’ll Never Hear a Mum Say!

Parenting and motherhood is a constant merry-go-round of laundry, cooking, cleaning, refereeing arguments, tidying and lots more, with not a whole lot of "you-time". Here's...
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At What Age Can Kids Stay Home Alone?

I think most parents have found themselves at some point in the situation of wondering if they should leave their child at home. Maybe...
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Jill Shares Her Tips on How To Get Rid of Head Lice

Having unfortunately had to get rid of head lice in her household, Jill shares her tips on how to get rid of head lice...